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    Telecommunication industry has turned highly competitive after the entrant of Reliance JIO. They made the 84 Days Plan hugely popular among the users. The company launched “Dhan Dhana Dhan” offer providing bundles of benefits to the all the users. Now, Airtel is hitting back. It is reported that the service provider is also launching 2 similar plans for their prepaid customers. Considering the current scenario, it is expected that similar steps will be taken by the major players like Idea, Telenor, BSNL, and Vodafone. On this page, you can find details for 2G/ 3G/ 4G prepaid recharge plans for all company, extend validity, and more.

    Airtel 84 Days Plan

    Two Airtel 84 Days Plans are launched by the company, priced at Rs.293 and Rs.499, offering 4G speed data. Both are available only to new users who buy an Airtel 4G SIM. Here are the scheme details.

    MRP (Rs) Benefits Validity
    293 84GB Data with 4G Speed. Limited calls 84 days
    499 84GB Data with 4G Speed. Unlimited Local & STD calls to all Networks 84 days
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    Jio 84 Days Plan

    Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan offer initially had Rs.309 plan, the same is now available at Rs.399. This is available for Bihar, Haryana, UP, Maharashtra, Chennai, Gujarat, Odisha, and other circles across India.

    MRP (Rs) Benefits Validity Online Recharge
    • Unlimited Voice Calls (Local & STD) to all Networks, Roaming free.
    • Unlimited Data with 4G Speed. (1 GB/ day)
    • Unlimited National SMS.
    • JIO App Subscription.
    84 days Recharge Now

    Idea 84 Days Plan

    Likewise, Idea Cellular has also come up with a new prepaid pack with 84 days validity. Priced at Rs. 453, this will offer 84GB of data (1 GB per day) and unlimited call to all networks.

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    Vodafone 84 Days Plan

    Vodafone does not have 84 days plan. However, the company has introduced a new pack, the 445 plan which will provide 1GB Data per day along with unlimited voice calling benefits to all networks. It is valid for 70 days. This is available for both 4G and 3G customers.

    Earn! Extra 4% Cashback on all your Recharges exclusive from Sitaphal.com. Get Cashback

    Reliance Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer

    Join the celebration to enjoy the boundless fun with the Reliance Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer 2017. The free benefits of original Welcome Preview Offer, which was supposed to have validity till 31st March 2017, will be extended for another 3 months and now users can avail on first recharge of Rs.309 plan. We all know about this free plan where customers can get unlimited voice calling, messages and data. This will remain the same, except a few modifications like data cap is 1 GB per day. This is also a great offering by the company as very minimal amount of money is charged for a high speed data as well as voice calls.

    The new Dhan Dhana Dhan offer by Reliance Jio will be available for 3 months for first recharge of Rs 309. This will include of unlimited voice call, data (1GB per day), and SMS. However, this is for the prime members. Non-prime members will have to buy the same plan at Rs.408.

    Another plan, Rs.509 is also disclosed. In this too, user gets unlimited benefits for 84 days with a data cap of 2GB per day.

    Jio  Rs.309 Plan Tariff Details

    Jio  Rs.309 Plan Tariff Details brought from Reliance Official Twitter page as below.

    Also Read: Reliance JIO DTH Plans, All Packages Price, Offers

    Jio  Rs.309 Recharge Offer – Get Cashback

    Recharge Now: Jio Rs.309 Recharge Online and get extra Cashback from Sitaphal.com

    Reliance Jio 4G Data Tariff/ Plans 2017

    Reliance Jio 4G Data Tariff/ Plans for Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other cities. Below plans will be applicable only to the Jio Prime customers.

    Reliance Jio 4G Recharge Plans


    Reliance Jio 4G Post-Paid Plans


    Reliance Jio is a new entrant in 4G race, it has surely disrupted the major player in the market like Airtel, Vodafone dominated the 4G market in India. Finally, the launch of this service is reality now for all the Reliance telecom users who have been eagerly waiting for it, reportedly on April 2016. You can check for the Reliance Jio 4G Data Tariff/ Plans below.

    The main focus of this network is to offer an excellent broadband network that has the best and the unique combination of telecom and high speed data for media downloads, digital commerce, payment services, etc.

    The company will initially offer new SIMs only with LYF 4G handsets of its own brand. And for standalone connections SIM will follow in no time. 4G services will start with Mumbai then followed by Delhi and Kolkata, later other cities.

    Keep visiting this page for more recent updates.





    The post 84 Days Plan – Airtel, Jio, Idea, Telenor and Vodafone appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    When we are getting bigger Smartphones with every new release, the mobile manufacturing companies have come up with something, handsets, extremely small, as tiny as an ATM, debit or credit card and you can use it for nothing except making calls. Probably, the inventors are putting an effort to bring back people to the real world and see things that beyond those captured in the virtual world of their Smartphones, yet fulfilling the basic need of the device (make and receive calls) in a click. Here are 3 best card size mobiles at low prices and with Cashback Offers available in India. These are compact enough to fit in your palm and carried wherever you go. You can explore this page to find all information related to the device and how to buy online.

    Debit/Atm/Credit Mobile Phones with Cashback [MMM] [YYY]

    Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4

    Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4

    Price: Buy @Rs.1,096


    • 32 MB RAM | 64 MB ROM
    • 1.44 inch Display
    • 700 mAh Battery
    • 1 year brand Service Center Warranty

    Kechaoda K55 Ultra Slim

    Kechaoda K55 Ultra Slim

    Price: Buy @Rs.1,099


    • 100 MB RAM | 250 MB ROM
    • 1.44 inch Display
    • 400 mAh Battery
    • 6 month brand Service Center Warranty

    AIEK M5 Lightest GSM

    AIEK M5 Lightest GSM

    Price: Buy @Rs.1,195


    • 256 MB RAM | 32 MB ROM
    • 1 inch NA Display
    • 0.3MP Rear Camera
    • 320 mAh Lethum Battery
    • Single Core Processor
    • 1 Month Manufacturer Warranty

    Explore the complete list at Slim Card Size Mobile Phone

    Nano Mobiles

    NanoPhone, the world’s smallest phone is now launched in India. This is a GSM mobile with dual SIM slot and its size is not bigger than a credit card.

    Elari NanoPhone C

     Elari NanoPhone C

    Price of Elari NanoPhone C is Rs. Rs. 3,940

    • Display: 1-inch with 128×96 pixels
    • Operating System: RTOS
    • Processor (CPU): MediaTek MT6261D
    • RAM: 32MB
    • Storage: 32MB
    • Battery Capacity: 280 mAh

    The post 3 Best Card Size Mobiles Low Price With Cashback Offers appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    Planning a Kitty party at your place? Being a host, you must be prepared well in advance to make sure every guest is occupied and entertained. The best way to do so is by playing games. Of course, we have a set of usual ones like singing songs or Antakshari, Dumb Charades, Tambola, etc. But, those are too common and played everywhere, for years. So, why not try something new and interesting this time. We have a list for you, try these. You can pick from more than 15 Funny Kitty Party Games for ladies and kids in India, these are hassle free to arrange and fun to play. Enjoy these with snacks.

    Extra Cashback Offers In India

    Best Kitty Party Games

    Match the Bangle Colour

    Things needed: Colourful bangles, pen, paper, and a big bowl.

    Rule: This is a one minute game in which you have to mark colour bangles with points. For example, yellow bangle- 2, red bangle-1, etc. Write colour names on chits of paper and fold them. Now, ask your guest to randomly pick 5 of these chits and read out the names.

    Winner: Whoever has the maximum number of points wins.


    Who are You

    Things needed: Papers and pens according to the number of players.

    Rule: A piece of paper (same size) and the pen is given to the guest taking part in the game. Players have to write their first name as many times they can on the given sheet, within one minute. After this, the player has to pass the paper to the person sitting immediate right, who will count the number of times the name is written.

    Winner: Whoever has the maximum number of times her name written on the paper, wins it.

    Say Brand Names

    Things needed: Papers and pens.

    Rule: Distribute papers and pans. Take any product like TV, lipstick, bags, etc., and ask the players to write down as many brand names they know for it, in two minutes. Ask the guests to write down all possible brands of makeup in two minutes. You can change it to cars, bags etc. It is one of the simplest yet interesting written games for a kitty party.

    Winner: Whoever writes the maximum number of brands wins.

    Tie the Pebbles

    Things needed: Handkerchiefs (same size), pebbles, and rubber bands.

    Rule: Guests playing this game has to tie as many possible pebbles in a handkerchief with the help of rubber bands within one minute.

    Winner: Whoever tie the maximum numbers of pebbles wins.

    Tongue Twisters

    Things needed: List of funny Tongue Twisters

    Rule: Player has to repeat the given Tongue Twister without any gap or pause for one minute.

    Winner: Whoever repeats the Tongue Twister correctly for maximum numbers of times wins.

    Read the Color Not Word

    Things needed: A sheet of paper with “Colour Names” printed in other colours.

    Rule: In this kitty party game, the guests have to read out colour names in which the word is written and not the word without pause for one minute.

    Winner: Whoever reads the maximum number of words correctly wins.

    Guess the Advertisement

    Things needed: Photos of TV commercials, pens, and papers.

    Rule: Hand out blank papers to the participants. Show the photo of TV commercials one after another and ask the players to write from which advertisement it is taken. Give one minute to write the name for each.

    Winner: Whoever has written maximum right answers, wins.

    Movie Name Please

    Things needed: Pens, papers and a list of 5 popular on screen pairs.

    Rule: Distribute papers and pens among the players. Tell the name of onscreen pairs one by one and ask the players to write the name of all the movies each of these pairs have acted together.

    Winner: Whoever writes the maximum number of correct movie names for each pair wins.

    Unlock with Key

    Things needed: 10 pairs of locks and keys

    Rule: This game is played in turns, one at a time. The player is handed a bunch of keys. She has to open the locks using them within one minute.

    Winner: Whoever opens the maximum number of locks within the specified time, wins.

    Eat the Snack Game

    Things needed: Snacks you want to play and plates according to the number of players.

    Rule: Take any snack (for example Samosa). Put equal numbers of it on all the plates. Serve it to the guests. Now, ask them to eat as many as they can within 2 minutes.

    Winner: Whoever eats the maximum pieces, without wasting, wins.

    Alphabetical Chat

    Things needed: Chairs arranged in a circle.

    Rule: The guests taking part in this game needs to sit in a circle. As a host, you can start by saying a sentence beginning with alphabet ‘A’ (eg: “An elephant is big”). Now, ask the player sitting next to you, on your left-hand side to say another sentence with the next alphabet, ‘B’ and so on, continuing in a clockwise motion. Each player will be given 10 seconds to start. If within that time the participant is not able to speak out, she will be eliminated. Sentences cannot be repeated.

    Winner: Whoever is not eliminated till the end of the game, wins.

    Test the Memory

    Things needed: 20 small items like a match box, pencil, makeup, key ring, soap, etc. Tray and a cloth to cover it. Pens and blank papers.

    Rule: Arrange all 20 items on a tray in a way that every single piece is properly visible. Make all the players sit in a circle. Keep the tray in the middle so that it is visible to all. Exactly after 30 seconds cover the tray. Now, ask the participants to write down the names of the items they remember. Give 5 minutes time to complete.

    Winner: Whoever writes the maximum number of names correctly, wins.

    2 Questions 1 Answer

    Things needed: List of names which is an answer for 2 things. For example, Cancer is the answer for a deadly disease as well as a Zodiac sign, Tajmahal is the name of a famous monument as well as a Tea brand, Kiwi is a name of as bird as well as a Shoe Polish brand, and so on. Papers printed with 2 questions and a blank space to write the common name.

    Rule: Hand over the printed paper to the guests wishing to participate in the game. Set time limit according to the number of question on the page, allocating 1 minute for each. Announce the start and stop of the game.

    Winner: Whoever has maximum correct answers, wins.

    Separation Anxiety

    Things needed: 30 buttons of 6 different colours and 6 glasses.

    Rule: Call one player at a time. In one minute, ask the players to put the buttons in 6 glasses one by one. They have to put same colour buttons in same glasses. Make sure no glass is left empty.

    Winner: Whoever puts maximum buttons in correct glasses, wins.

    The Nut Stacker

    Things needed: Nuts.

    Rule: In one minute members have to stack as many nuts possible.

    Winner: Whoever manages to put the maximum number of nuts wins.

    More ideas coming up soon! Stay tuned.

    The post 15+ Funny Kitty Party Games for Ladies & Kids in India appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    We’ll know about Flipkart.com. The home grown e-commerce company has gained huge acclamation from the buyers within a very short duration. This is made possible through their excellent service and massive product collection. Adding to it, the exciting deals on this huge lineage of merchandise provides a shortcut to great savings. Aiming to fulfil the need of every shopper, this online platform ensures all the customers enjoy the convenience. As of now, the company exclusively delivers item nationally, but you can shop from USA, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Nepal, Qatar, UAE, and other Gulf countries to deliver orders in India. Scroll down to know more on how this can be done.

    Extra Cashback Offers In India

    Flipkart Shopping Qatar

    Qatar is a home for more than six hundred thousand Indians. Some are expatriates while others are born in the country. Whoever lives there has relatives living in India. During the occasions, when visiting them is not possible sometimes, you can always show your affection by sending gifts. Flipkart supports this cause by delivering presents to your dear ones living in a faraway land. Browse the website to find the perfect piece.

    Flipkart Shopping USA

    Want to buy something for your dear ones living in India? Flipkart.com is here to make your wish come true. The online portal is providing Indians living in the United States of America to shop and send anything of their choice. The e-shop has a plethora of products, from a multitude of categories and brands to buy from.

    Flipkart Shopping UK

    Flipkart brings in the joy of buying presents for your dear ones living in India. It is a great option for Indians living in UK to choose and order from almost anything, from the expansive list of products from a variety of categories available at this e-store.

    Flipkart Shopping Canada

    Just think about the immeasurable happiness that your surprise can bring to your family and friends. So what you live in Canada, you can still buy presents for your loved ones living in India.

    Flipkart Shopping UAE

    Living in United Arab Emirates, any of the Arabian country, you can still shop for your family and friends in India. Flipkart allows the customer to place orders from any part of the globe. All you need to do is browse the curated selection of products on the website to find the best one and order after ensuring the delivery address.


    Is Flipkart Shopping available from Bangladesh?

    Ans: Yes.

    Does Flipkart accept orders placed from Nepal?

    Ans: Yes. Flipkart accepts orders from any part of the world but delivers only in India.

    How to do shopping from Flipkart?

    1. Click on the ‘Shop Now‘ button to visit the Retailer
    2. Enter the Delivery PIN to verify the address in India.
    3. Pick Products & Add to Cart
    4. Pay using Credit/Debit cards issued in India and 21 other countries.

    The post Flipkart.com – Shop from Qatar, USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Bangladesh, Nepal appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    Siblings are our best friends. Growing up together, caring for each other, becoming partner for every reward and punishment only strengthens our bond of love. Raksha Bandhan celebrates this eternal relationship between brothers and sisters. This year, the auspicious day will be observed on 7 August 2017. With it approaching soon, you must be looking for gifts. Many stores have already started displaying them. But what if your sibling is living in a different part of the country? It is quite eminent that visiting him or her in person is not possible sometimes. Well, there is a solution, online Rakhi Shopping websites. These will help you delivering present to your loved ones and thus bringing a smile on their face. Even if you do not have distance problem, these e-commerce portals are great place to shop from. They have a heap of products to pick from, you can find almost all brands which are uncommon in bricks and mortar outlet, and all these you get from the comfort of your home. Today, we have picked some trusted sites, having huge number of happy customers.

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    Jabong: Rakhi Online Shopping

    We all know Jabong as one of the best online fashion store in India. The e-shop has a special selection of Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister. Here you can find almost everything that she may like, ranging from clothing, beauty, jewellery, fragrance, footwear, and more. These are from both western and ethnic categories. It even has an exciting range of branded products which can make ideal Rakhi gifts for brother. All in all, this e-shop has delightful gift ideas which will definitely going to make your sibling happy.

    Flipkart: Rakhi Online Shopping

    Flipkart, the home-grown company to receive huge acclamation as one of the top online shopping store. To make the happy memories of Raksha Bandhan immemorial, this e-shop brings to you a perfect selection of products to surprise your siblings to make him or her feel special with your love and affection towards them. Whether it’s a Rakhi gifts for sister or brother, here you can surely find a perfect piece.

    Amazon: Rakhi Online Shopping India

    Amazon, the mega online shopping site has a massive collection of goods from multitude of categories. These ranges from electronics, gadgets, decors, clothing, fashion accessories, beauty, and lots more. They even have a dedicated page for Raksha Bandhan with lot of gift ideas to make your pick easy. If you are still confused with what to buy, just buy Rakhi Cards and let your sibling get a present of their choice.

    Shopclues: Rakhi Online Shopping

    From traditionally designed to the artistically sculpted, Shopclues sells every items at low price. The website has a dedicated page for Raksha Bandhan offers where you can find amazing deals on a variety of Rakhis and gifts. Visit this online shopping store to buy what your brother or sister likes at budget friendly prices.

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    Archies: Rakhi Online Shopping

    The exclusive gift store has a superb collection of products to fulfill the unique needs of the festival. At Archies you can find Rakhis, hampers, and cards that convey your affection towards your sibling. Their Rakshabandhan range includes Dry fruits, Cookies, Cakes, Sweets, Chocolates, Greeting Cards and so on. You can order and send these across India, USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, UAE, Malaysia, Germany, Australia, Singapore and other part of the world.

    Snapdeal: Rakhi Online Shopping

    Snapdeal is another popular shopping website in India selling products from numerous categories. Here you can find latest electronics products, fashion items, home decors, and lots more. To celebrate the wonderful bond of Raksha Bandan, the e-store has included a galore of special hampers and merchandise to buy as a gift for your sibling.

    eBay: Rakhi Online Shopping

    eBay has everything that you may probably think of giving as a gift to your brother or sister on Rakasha Bandhan. You can find Rakhis as well. Visit this online store to experience a joyful and budget friendly shopping. The unique gift ideas will bring a big smile on your sibling’s face.

    Also Read: Flipkart Shopping Qatar, USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Bangladesh, Nepal

    Extra Cashback Offers In India

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    Ganesh Jayanti which means birthday of Lord Ganesh, is popularly known as Ganesh Chaturthi in major parts of India. The other names that you get to hear are Magha Shukla Chaturthi, Varad Chaturthi and Tilkund Chaturthi. No matter by what name this occasion is celebrated, it marks the auspicious day of birth of Ganesha, the lord of wisdom. This popular Hindu festival is particularly celebrated Maharashtra, Goa and some parts of Telengana. The celebration starts on the fourth day after New moon in the month of Bhadrapada (August/September) and lasts till the tenth day.

    The Ganesh Jayanti or Ganesh Chaturthi is usually celebrated in a grand way. This year it will be even better with the most amazing discount deals, special promo and Cashback offer provided by major online e-commerce stores on all Pooja Samagris. Decorate your home and temple with vibrant and colourful home decors, buy gifts for your dear ones, fill your basket with delicious sweets, ladoos, modaks, and lots more. Welcome the God of wisdom, benevolence and good fortune for an auspicious beginning. Enjoy a blessed Ganesh Chaturthi!!

    Sitaphal Cashback : Extra Upto Rs.500 on Online Shopping. Explore the Ganesh Chaturthi Offers

    Download the Ganpati e-Magazine 2017

     Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 1

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 14

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper15

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 13

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 12

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 11

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 10

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 9


    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 6

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 5

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 4

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 3

    Ganpati e-Magazine wallpaper 2

    The post Ganesh Jayanti vs. Ganesh Chaturthi appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    So Today, how are you planning to celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi? I’am sure it will be grand. Well, let me add some spices to your celebration of this auspicious occasion with the best Ganesh Chaturthi Mobile Phone Offer, August 2017. Today we’ll be sharing the whole list of Ganesh Puja special offers on low priced, budget friendly, latest 3G & 4G smartphones from the most popular brands like Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Honor, Lenovo, Microsoft, Karbonn, Nokia and more (Online Shopping Special). Check the out the offers for greatest savings.

    Sitaphal Cashback : Extra Upto 10% on Phones. See Deals @ Mobile Phone Offers

    List of Online Mobile phone Offers on Ganesh Chaturthi

    Mobile & Store Offers + Cashback Details
    All Mobiles at Flipkart.com Upto (35% OFF + 10% Cashback Rewards) Know More
    All Mobiles at Shopclues.com Upto (40% OFF + 8.5% Cashback) Know More
    All Mobiles at Amazon.in Starts @Rs.500 Know More

    Note: Cashback offered by Sitaphal.com to their registered user only.

    Exclusive Up to Rs 500 Cashback – Ganesh Chaturthi Offers

    How to get extra Cashback on Ganesh Chaturthi Mobile Offers

    1. Click on above Know More link
    2. Login/Sign UP Sitaphal
    3. Click on Shop Now button
    4. Visit store & Place the Order
    5. Sitaphal cashback will get track with in 24hr.
    6. Download Sitaphal App Download Now (Easy to Use)

    Ganesh Chaturthi Flipkart Mobile Phone Offer

    Ganesh Chaturthi Flipkart Mobile Phone Offer is available on your favourite budget smartphones. Buy them to gift or for self use to get the offers.

    Offer 1 – Redmi Not 4. Starts @ Rs.10,999
    Offer 2 – Moto E 4 Plus @ Rs.9999
    Offer 3 – Samsung Galaxy On5 @ Rs.6990
    Offer 4 – Moto C Plus @ Rs.6999
    Offer 5 – Moto G5 Plus @ Rs.15999
    Offer 6 – Lenovo Vibe K5 Note @ Rs.9999

    Earn! Extra up to 10% Cashback Rewards on all orders exclusively from Sitaphal.com.

    Explore Flipkart Offers

    Ganesh Chaturthi Ebay Mobile Phone Offer

    Explore and get amazing Ganesh Chaturthi Ebay Mobile Phone Offer Aug 2017.

    Earn! Extra up to 8.5% Cashback on all orders exclusively from Sitaphal.com.

    Explore Ebay Offers

    Ganesh Chaturthi Shopclues Mobile Phone Offer

    Visit the store to find Ganesh Chaturthi Shopclues Mobile Phone Offer Aug 2017 on all leading brands.

    Earn! Extra up to 8.5% Cashback on all orders exclusively from Sitaphal.com.

    Explore Shopclues Offers

    Ganesh Chaturthi Tata Cliq Mobile Phone Offer

    Grab Ganesh Chaturthi TataCliq mobile phone offer Aug 2017 to buy the latest 4G smartphones at huge discounts and cashback.

    Earn! Extra up to 10% cashback on all orders exclusively from Sitaphal.com.

    Explore Tata Cliq Offers

    Ganesh Chaturthi Snapdeal Mobile Phone Offer

    Check out the Ganesh Chaturthi Snapdeal mobile phone offer Sept 2017 to get the most trending smartphones at lowest prices.

    The post Ganesh Chaturthi Mobile Offer 2017 at Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, Ebay and More appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    Independence Day is one of the most remarkable instances in Indian History. It is an important occasion for every Indian. To celebrate this special day majority of the online stores have already started promoting 71st Independence Day online mega sale (15 August 2017) on all product categories like electronics, books, mobiles, clothing, furniture, travel, recharge and lots more. We at Sitaphal bring out the finest Independence Day deals and coupon offers that can give you maximum value for your money. We have listed some of the most happening offers from mega stores like Flipkart, Paytm, Nearbuy, Snapdeal, Amazon, eBay, OnlyMobiles and more that can give you extra savings in the form of Cashback. Hope you like them.

    Flipkart Independence Day Sale (15 August 2017)

    The Flipkart Independence Day Sale presents to you a destination where you can find greatest discounts worth celebrating.

    Offer 1 : Freedom sale on Flipkart – Upto 80% Off

    Valid On : 9th to 15th Aug 17

    Offer 2 : Extra 10% off with HDFC Bank debit or credit cards.

    Valid On : 9th to 15th Aug 17

    Sitaphal Offer : Upto 10% extra Cashback Rewards on shopping at Flipkart.

    NearBuy Independence Day Sale (15 August 2017)

    Celebrating Independence Day with Nearbuy Independence Day sale vouchers on local stores, products and travel deals can make you save huge, on anything you purchase online.

    Offer 1 : Upto 70% Off on all Deals

    Offer 2 : Extra 20% Nearbuy Cashback on purchase of Min. 2 vouchers (valid on food, spa, salon & activities).

    Coupon Code : FREEDOM

    Offer 3 : Extra 10% Nearbuy Cashback on purchase of 1 vouchers (valid on food, spa, salon & activities).

    Coupon Code : IDAY

    Offer 4 : Extra 5% Cashback on purchase of 1 vouchers (valid on shopping offers).

    Coupon Code : SHOP


    • Maximum Nearbuy Cashback in Rs 1000.
    • All coupons can be used once per user.
    • All deals valid till 15th August 2017

    Sitaphal Cashback : Upto 8.5% extra Cashback on all purchases at Nearbuy.

    Amazon Independence Day Sale (15 August 2017)

    The upcoming patriotic sale at Amazon is one of the season’s biggest deals. It will be available on everything that you can think of buying. Be ready to grab the Amazon Independence Day Sale.

    Offer 1 : Freedom Sale : Upto 70% Off on Fashion & Lifestyle Products.

    Valid On : 15th Aug 17

    Offer 2 : Great India Freedom Sale

    Valid On : 9th , 10th & 11th Aug 17

    Explore: Latest deals at Amazon.

    Shopclues Independence Day Sale (15 August 2017)

    Shopclues Independence Day Sale is here. You can take home laptops, home entertainment, appliances, cameras and accessories and get exclusive discounts on them.

    Offer 1 : Extra 10% Mobikwik Cashback

    Coupon Code : KWIKCLUES

    Valid Till : 5-Sep-2017

    Offer 2 : Upto 90% off on smartphone accessories

    Sitaphal Cashback : Upto 9% extra Cashback on shopping at Shopclues.

    Jabong Independence Day Sale (15 August 2017)

    Get the high-end fashion products for men at Jabong Independence Day Sale on lowest price.

    Offer 1 : Upto 80% off on all product & categories.

    Sitaphal Cashback : Flat Rs.260 extra Cashback on shopping at Jabong.

    This is not the end of our long list of discount offers. Visit Sitaphal.com to know more about the sales happening at our online stores on this Independence Day.

    The post 71st Independence Day Online Mega Sale (15 August 2017) appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    Scratched and cracked phone screens will no more be a nightmare scenario for you. Scientists have designed a polymer that can stretch itself to fuse those damaged on the display and regain the flawless self within 24 hours. It is said that the new material can stretch itself as much as 50 times. The phones having this upgraded property will be shortly available to users. We’ll update this space with all latest information about Self Healing Smartphone price, launching date, review and more as soon as we hear them.

    What is Self Healing Smartphone Price?

    Self Healing Smartphones is currently no available in the market. It is expected to release by 2020 in Indian and other countries.

    Self Healing Smartphone – Rs 25000 (expected)

    Similar featured Product:

    LG G FLEX D958 – Rs19,990

    When is Self Healing Smartphone Launching Date?

    It is estimated that the smartphone screens and other consumer durable products made from the stretchable polymer could be available in the market within the next three years that is by 2020.

    Self Healing Smartphone Launching Date – Year 2020 (expected)

    Self Healing Smartphone Review


    This won’t be the first time that this kind of device with self-healing property is going to be introduced. An LG phone model, G Flex features it too. In this smartphone, the back cover is made from a similar material having a self-heal property that could repair small scratches. The new one is expected to function far better compared to the earlier ones, even under harsh climatic condition.


    The new self-heal material, apart for differing in the chemical composition with the available ones, will be used on the mobile screen and in the battery. This will help the Smartphone screen remain intact and fix the dropped phones issues to last longer.

    The post Self Healing Smartphone Price, Launching Date, Review and More appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    Like every year, this year too we’ll celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on 5th September, in a grand way. On this auspicious day, it is simply amazing to make our home look wonderful with the colourful decoration done to welcome Lord Ganesh. Most of the times we simply use readily available products to decorate. Why not try something new this year? We have listed some creative ideas and items on this page that come handy to you and will definitely help you decorate your home in a new way for Ganpati Festival. Buy them online and get started.

    We have looked for deals, discount coupons and Cashback offer at various e-commerce stores that are available on shopping. Scroll down to check out Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas & items at home and related offer. Enjoy the cost effective shopping in less time.

    Sitaphal Cashback : Extra Upto Rs.300 @Online Stores. Explore Ganesh Chaturthi Offers

    Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas & Items At Home

    1. Temples And Puja Ghars for Lord Ganesh

    Temples And Puja Ghars for Lord Ganesh

    Buy Temples and Puja Ghars to establish it with the idol of most cherished God, Lord Ganesh. You can find an amazing collection of products at various online furniture stores that are perfect inclusion in the Pooja room of your home. You can select temples made of wood, aluminum, marble, crystal, plywood and so on.

    2. Lord Ganesh Idol

    Lord Ganesh Idol

    Get home beautifully crafted Lord Ganesh idol to enhance the beauty of your place. Online stores have an amazing collection of products available in numerous colours and made from a variety of material. Make a pick based on your choice from this extensive range.

    3. Decorative Ribbons, Laces, and Borders

    Decorative Ribbons, Laces, and Borders

    Decorative ribbons, streamers and laces are the most inexpensive items that are hugely used to decorate any place and add a warm and lively touch to it. These ribbons are available in different colours with glittered, shiny and layered contents, making them even more vibrant. These can be used to create borders or can be hanged from the roof or tied around the pillars to add stylish and colourful finishing.

    4. Thalis for Aarti (Puja)

    Thalis for Aarti (Puja)

    Many people decorate their Aarti thalis, but if you have a shortage of time or want to try something new for the traditional ones, you must buy a decorated puja thali. The e-commerce provides a wonderful range of colourful thalis, buy them to add a lively touch to your Ganesh pooja pandal.

    5. Lamps & Lights

    Lamps & Lights

    Lamps (Diya/Deepak) and light are simply unavoidable items that has to be a part of pooja decoration. These lamps and lights are lit up at the time of performing rites as it is believed to bring positivity to life and drive away all darkness. They are a symbol of divinity. To use them as a decorative item, you can buy colourful lamps, LED lamps, blinking lights and more. All these you can find at online stores along with the convenience of home delivery.

    6. Flower Decoration

    Flower decoration

    We all know that nothing can match the elegance and bliss of flowers, especially any auspicious occasion. So, order beautiful Carnations, Lililies, Roses, Orchids, etc., or artificial flower to make your home look heavenly.

    7. Sweets


    No festival is complete with sweets. But to make your temple attractive you can buy colourful ladoos, modaks and other sweets.

    Stay tuned, we’ll update more ideas very shortly.

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    New Delhi, India: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has done a press release on 18th August 2017, confirming the introduction of new 50 Rupee Note. It is getting a complete change in design, from colour to dimension, much different from the existing banknote that is currently in circulation. You can find the image, features, release date, how to check if it’s original, and other details mentioned below.

    RBI has stated that all the banknotes in Rs 50 (Rupees Fifty) denomination issued in the earlier series, which is currently in circulation, will continue to be in use.

    New 50 Rupee Note Image


    What are new 50 Rupee Note Features?

    Dimension of the 50-rupees banknote – 66 mm x 135 mm.

    Obverse (Front)


    1. See through register with denominational numeral 50,
    2. Denominational numeral ५० in Devnagari,
    3. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre,
    4. Micro letters ‘RBI’, ‘भारत’, ‘INDIA’ and ‘50’,
    5. Windowed demetalised security thread with inscriptions ‘भारत’ and RBI,
    6. Guarantee Clause, Governor’s signature with Promise Clause and RBI emblem towards right of Mahatma
    7. Gandhi portrait,
    8. Ashoka Pillar emblem on the right,
    9. Mahatma Gandhi portrait and electrotype (50) watermarks,
    10. Number panel with numerals growing from small to big on the top left side and bottom right side.

    Reverse (Back)


    1. Year of printing of the note on the left,
    2. Swachh Bharat logo with slogan,
    3. Language panel,
    4. Motif of Hampi with Chariot,
    5. Denominational numeral ५० in Devnagari.

    New 50 Rupee Note Details

    New banknote gets everything new. Apart from colour and design which you can see in the above image, a change is noticed in the dimensions of the currency as well. In order to dispense a 50 rupee note from ATM, the machine will need two separate cassettes for old and new notes of the same denomination. But, this won’t be a major problem as most banks have already stopped dispensing fifty rupees notes.

    The 50 rupee note bears the signature of Dr. Urjit R. Patel, Governor of RBI. This banknote is from Mahatma Gandhi (new) Series. It is Fluorescent Blue in colour. You can find different motifs and patterns on both the obverse (front) and reverse (back) sides of the currency.

    When is New 50 Rupee Note Release Date?

    It is confirmed that a new Mahatma Gandhi series of Rs 50 denomination note is going to be released. However, there is no confirmation on the date from RBI.

    Is old Indian 50 Rupee Note Ban?


    No. As mentioned above, the earlier series of Rs 50 note will continue to be in use along with the new one from the same denomination.

    How to check New 50 Rupee Note 2017? Fake or Real.

    It’s simple. In the top section of this page, we have included the image and salient features of new Rs.50 denomination currency. Just look out for all these details on the bank note for the identification of whether it is fake or real.

    What’s the history of 50 Rupee Note?

    The first Indian 50-rupees banknote was introduced by RBI in the year 1975. It was from Lion Capital Series which had Ashoka pillar. Later, in 1996, this was replaced by a watermark of Mahatma Gandhi and becomes a part of Mahatma Gandhi series. This banknote is in the current circulation with some modifications made in it from time to time.

    On 18 August 2017, Reserve Bank of India has introduced Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series of Rupees 50 denomination currency with completely new design.

    We’ll bring more updates soon. Stay tuned.

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    Samsung India is about to release a new language support, a virtual voice assistance for its flagship Smartphones, Samsung S8 and S8 Plus with the latest update. This is Bixby. It will completely revolutionize the ways you use your phone. Use any medium to command – voice, text, swipe, or just touch, it understands all. Lost for words? Just focus your mobile the camera on landmark you want information about, the application will analyze on-screen content get handy information about it. All the more, it is customized and so constantly learns to get better with handling your day-to-day tasks. Scroll down to know more about what is Bixby Voice, how to use it, releases date, how to activate, and so on.

    What is Bixby Voice?

    Bixby Voice is a voice assistance mobile application offering new ways to use your phone. You don’t have to type anything as it uses voice command to set alarms, send text messages, and perform other requested actions. This application is soon be integrated into pre-installed native apps like Contacts, Photo Gallery, Camera, Phone Settings, etc., to control them as well.


    Bixby intelligence sees what you are looking for and provides handy information to know better. It learns your routine and recommends you on recent and upcoming events, and more. It also reminds you of everything right on time.


    Also Read: Self Healing Smartphone Price, Launching Date, Review and More

    What is Bixby voice release date?

    Currently, Bixby voice assistant is available in South Korea in Korean language and the US in English. As far as the release date in India is considered, nothing is heard from the company. However, we can expect it to finalize soon. Check this space to get latest update.

    Bixby voice release date – January 2018 (expected)

    How to use Bixby Voice?


    Follow the steps below to use Bixby Voice. This is for users in the US. A similar process will be followed for users in UK, Canada, and India as well.

    1. Download Bixby Voice App
    2. Activate Bixby Voice
    3. Press Bixby button or speak the “Hi Bixby” voice command.
    4. Use talk, tap or type to make your phone perform actions.

    You can use this app to get information about any places from its picture, check the schedule, get reminded of the time, and so on.

    How to activate Bixby Voice?

    You can activate Bixby Voice by pressing the dedicated Bixby button or “Hi Bixby” command. It is available only on Samsung S8 and S8+ smartphones for now.


    The post Samsung India: What is Bixby Voice? How to Use It? appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    A good Happy Diwali Wallpaper images are one definite thing you need from your long festive preparation list to greet your dear ones on this special occasion. With Diwali just around the corner, it’s the right time to get involved in this seasonal cheer by sending best wishes or spice up your device with beautiful photos.

    In this post, we have added an image gallery with some of the best Diwali Wallpapers greetings for mobile and desktop. This mega collection includes creative pictures with crackers, sweets, chocolate, cartoon, animated images, Shayari, funny, and more. These are HD quality, full-size photos available for free download, which you can use for Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., and as wall stickers to decorate your home.

    Enjoy and Have a Very Happy Diwali!

    10+ Best Happy Diwali Wallpaper Images 2017

    Here are the best Happy Diwali Wallpaper Images for 2017, you can download and share with loved ones.

    Happy Diwali Wallpaper in Hindi


    Happy Diwali Wallpaper with Crackers


    Happy Diwali Wallpaper with Sweets


    Happy Diwali Wallpaper and Shayari


    Happy Diwali Candle Wallpaper


    Happy Diwali Wallpaper with Chocolate


    Happy Diwali Wallpaper Funny


    Happy Diwali Wallpaper in Marathi


    Happy Diwali Wallpaper in Tamil


    Happy Diwali Wallpaper in 3D


    Happy Diwali Laxmi Ji Wallpaper


    The post 10+ Happy Diwali Wallpaper Images 2017 appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    Goibibo is a well-known online platform offering some of the best facilities to customers in travel booking. Apart from providing excellent services, they have introduced special schemes as well to help users earn addition Cashback credits. This starts right from the moment you join the website, there after this amount gets increased by referring friends and linking phonebook contacts to earn on their booking. All these amounts are added to your Goibibo Wallet. There are two types of credits – Gocash and Gocash Plus. In this article, we are going to find out how to get and use these. Scroll down to know more.

    Sitaphal Offer : Extra upto Rs.400 Cashback @Online Travel Stores.

    What is GoCash?

    GoCash is a virtual currency in Goibibo Wallet which a customer can earn and use in travel booking done at this website. The credits can be used with some limits.


    GoCash can be earned through different promotional activities – at the time of joining the website and by participating in Referal program.

    1 goCash equals to INR 1. It can be used within 90 days from the date of earning. Only a part of this credit can be redeemed to book Flight, Hotel, Bus, and Car.

    What is GoCash Plus?

    GoCash Plus is also Goibibo Wallet credits which a customer can earn through different means and use in transactions done at the website.


    You can earn goCash Plus every time your contacts make a booking at the website (maximum Rs 500 credit) and also when you cancel your booking which is paid using debit/ credit card/net banking.

    The maximum wallet limit is Rs. 1000 goCash+ every month. This can be used with absolutely no usage limits.

    The goCash Plus earned through phone book contact’s booking cannot be redeemed for bus tickets and has a validity of 90 days. Whereas, credits earned from cancellation has unlimited validity.

    How to transfer goCash to Bank Account?

    The transfer of Goibibo goCash to the bank account is not available. You can be only used for bookings made on the travel website.

    Know Goibibo.com

    The India made online travel booking portal, Goibibo.com is a well-known name in the industry providing trust worthy service. Whether it’s Flight, Bus, Train, Car, Hotel or Holiday package users can experience easy and convenient booking for everything. The user-friendly website enables to access their services effortlessly and help keep track all the travel plans. The USP of this website is their regular offers which allow customers to save big on their bookings.

    The post Goibibo Wallet: How to use Gocash? | What is GoCash Plus? appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    We live in a country where festivals are aparamount part of our lives, especially the Durga Puja. It is special and very close to our heart. It is celebrated throughout the country with grandeur. The Puja is celebrated twice in a year as Chaitra and Sharad Navratri, when the nine avatars of Goddess Durga, the Adi Shakti (Genesis of Energy) are worshipped. The nine avatars of the goddess are represented by 9 colours. This gets changed every year. Here, you can check out the Navratri colours of 2017 so that you can follow them and get ready with your dresses to wear them accordingly.

    What is Navratri Colors?

    Navratri Colors symbolizes the nine different avatars of goddess Durga who are worshipped on each day of the festival – Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri.

    How are Navratri Colours decided?

    Navratri Colors are decided based on the first day of the festival and thereafter a fixed cycle follows for the remaining 8 days.

    Which Navratri Color is today?

    During the festival, if you want to find which Navratri Color is today, do visit this page to get the complete info. This year, Sharad Navratri will begin on September 21 and end on September 30.

    Nine Navratri Colors by Day List with Date 2017

    Day 1: Pratipada – September 21, 2017 (Thursday) – Yellow
    Day 2: Dwitiya – September 22, 2017 (Friday) – Green
    Day 3: Tritiya – September 23, 2017 (Saturday) – Grey
    Day 4: Chaturthi – September 24, 2017 (Sunday) – Orange
    Day 5: Panchami – September 25, 2017 (Monday) – White
    Day 6: Sashti – September 26, 2017 (Tuesday) – Red
    Day 7: Saptami – September 27, 2017 (Wednesday) – Blue (Royal Blue)
    Day 8: Ashtami – September 28, 2017 (Thursday) – Pink
    Day 9: Navami – September 29, 2017 (Friday) – Purple

    First Day – Pratipada (21st September, 2017) – Yellow

    Yellow Color Navratri Suit

    On the first of Durga Puja, it starts with the holy worship of the Goddess. This day is known as Pratipada and it is believed to bring prosperity and good health to the home. It will be celebrated on 21st September 2017 and Yellow is the colour of the day. You can shop ethnic clothes of this shade and wear it on the day.

    Yellow Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    Second Day – Dwitiya (22nd September, 2017) – Green

    Green Color Navratri Saree

    The second day or Dwitiya is dedicated to Durga Maa, the Goddess of eternal power and energy. She is worshipped as Brahmacharini. This form of the Goddess is believed to grant prosperity and emancipation. It will be celebrated on 22nd September 2017 and Green is the colour of the day. You can buy traditional clothes of this shade and wear it on the day.

    Green Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    Third Day – Tritiya (23rd September, 2017) – Grey

    Grey Color Navratri Saree

    The third day is Tritiya, the Chandraghanta avatar of Durga Maa is worshipped. This form of the Devi signifies bravery and fortitude. This will be celebrated on 23rd September 2017 and Grey is the colour of the day. Shop today and get dressed in white traditional clothes on an auspicious day.

    Grey Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    Fourth Day – Chaturthi (24th September, 2017) – Orange

    Orange Color Navratri Saree

    The fourth day is known as Chaturthi. The Goddess is worshipped in the form of Kushmanda, the fourth form of Durga. It is on 24th of September. The colour for the day is Orange, buy traditional clothes to wear it on the day.

    Orange Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    Fifth Day – Panchami (25th September, 2017) – White

    White Color Navratri Saree

    5th Day is known as Panchami. The Goddess Durga is worshipped as Skandamata, the mother of Kartikeya for bringing peace and prosperity to the home. White is the colour of this Navratri day, you can wear traditional clothes in this shade.

    White Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    Sixth Day – Sashti (26th September, 2017) – Red

    Red Color Navratri Lehanga

    On the sixth day or Sasthi, Durga Goddess is worshipped as Katyayani, the daughter of Kata. This day is celebrated with devotion to welcome the Goddess on earth. Red is the colour of the day. Get dressed in this hue to enhance the essence of the occasion.

    Red Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    Seventh Day: Saptami (27th September, 2017) – Blue (Royal Blue)

    Blue Color Navratri Saree

    The seventh day is known as Saptami. This day is celebrated to honour the Kalratri avatar. She symbolizes protection from any kinds of trouble or anxiety. Royal Blue is the shade to wear on the day.

    Blue Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    Eighth Day – Ashtami (28th September, 2017) – Pink


    On Ashtami or the eighth day of Navratri, the Goddess Durga is worshipped in the form of Gauri, the symbol of tranquillity, serenity and beauty, who has the power to wash away all the sins. Pink is the colour of this day.

    Pink Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    Ninth Day 9 – Navami (29th September, 2017) – Purple

    Purple Color Navratri Saree

    On Navami, the ninth day, Goddess Durga is worshipped as Siddhidatri. Purple is the colour for this day. Celebrate the occasion, wearing clothes of this shade.

    Purple Ethnic Clothes @Online Stores Shop Now!

    May Colours of Navaratri bring happiness and prosperity to all.

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    Excited to shop for upcoming Dusshera, Christmas, New Year 2017-18? I’m sure you are? Today I have a very special news to share that can increase your thrills to manifold. Yes, the most awaited Flipkart Sale is about to begin and all the website and App users can enjoy the most rewarding shopping experience. So, fasten your seat belt to explore this blockbuster sale of the season. Flipkart is back again with a bunch of amazing offers and this time with more benefits for the customers, to make their festive shopping even more exciting. The “Big Billion Day Sale” will be available in September 2017 for you to buy products at unbelievably low prices. Here is the life hacking trick to maximize your saving with this offer.

    Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale in September 2017

    Flipkart has disclosed the next big sale will be on 20th to 24th September 2017. Here you can get all the update on the Big Billion Sale Day date, offer highlights and more. So bookmark it or keep touch with us by Signing Up with us (Don’t miss extra Cashback Rewards from Sitaphal.com on every order during sale Know More).

    Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Offers List in (20-24) September 2017

    Sale Date Offer Buy Online
    20th September 2017 Upto 80% on Fashion, Home & Furniture, TV & Appliances only Get Offer
    21st September 2017 Upto 80% on Mobiles, Electronic, Accesories & All Get Offer
    22nd September 2017 Upto 80% Sitewide on All products Get Offer
    23rd September 2017 Upto 80% Sitewide on All products Get Offer
    24th September 2017 Upto 80% Sitewide on All products Get Offer
    20th – 24th Sept 2017 Extra 10% off on SBI Bank Debit & Credit Cards Get Offer
    20th – 24th Sept 2017 Extra 10% Cashback on payments via PhonePe Wallet Get Offer

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    Why Avail Flipkart Next Sale Deals Via Sitaphal?

    As already mentioned the next Sale by the mega e-shop will be bringing some of the most alluring discount on almost every product listed on the website. So, you can shop what ever you like at a discount price. Sitaphal offers additional benefit in the form of Reward Credits for buyers who shop via it. Therefore, it’s quite clear that you can get some extra saving by shopping via Sitaphal.

    Also Explore: Amazon Cashback Offers

    Flipkart Next Sale Date Schedule in 2017-18

    Upcoming Flipkart Next Sale Date
    Flipkart Deal of the Day  Every Day
    Flipkart Deal of the Week  Every Week
    Flipkart 15 August Offers  9-11-August-2017
    Flipkart Black Friday Sale 2017 20-November-2017
    Flipkart Christmas Sale 2017 20 Dec – 25 December-2017 
    Flipkart New Year Sale 2017 30 Dec – 1 January 2018
    Flipkart Pongal/Sankranti Sale 2017 5 Jan – 14 January 2018
    Flipkart Republic Day Sale 2017  21 Jan – 26 January 2018
    Flipkart Valentine’s Day Sale 2017 1 Feb – 14 February-2018
    Flipkart Holi Sale 2017 1 Mar – 13 March 2018
    Except the weekly & daily offers, all dates are expected. As soon as official announcement will be done, we’ll update the table, So bookmark this page to get all the recent update on Flipkart Next sale.

    You May like :

    1. Today Best Online Shopping Deals at Flipkart.com
    2. Latest Flipkart Offers & Coupons with SP Cashback

    Flipkart Next Sale Highlights

    • Up to 80% Off  on Site wide.
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    • Free and 1 day Home Delivery
    • Flipkart Assured Products
    • Up to 10% Sitaphal Reward Credit (Cashback) Extra

    How To get Extra Sitaphal Cashback Offers at Flipkart.com

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    Next Flipkart Bank Offers 2017

    Even after all the rebates the e-store has to offer, you find your favourite product is still expensive and going out of your budget, then Bank offers are surely designed for you. These you can avail as additional benefit where you can either get an instant discount or Cashback from the bank. Use your debit/ credit cards or net banking service, whichever is applicable, of your account with SBI, Axis, HDFC, Citi, Kotak, Yes Bank, and other major banks.

    Next Flipkart “Big Shopping Days” 2017

     Flipkart is very popular for “Big Shopping Days”. It is most know for maximizing your saving with the biggest discounts and Cashback offers of all time. Since mostly site wide, during those days you can buy any products of your choice at unbelievably low price. The resounding success of earlier ones makes the retailer come up with the next sale soon. For now you can explore the other equally good deals at the online store.

    Next Flipkart “App Maha Sale” 2017

    Pull up your socks to take part in the next App Maha Sale by Flipkart. With more than 70,000 products from innumerable brands that are readily available at the e-store with upto 70% discount, you are most likely to find what you have been searching for long time, at inexpensive prices. Offers are short-lived, so better you grab them before they vanish.

    Tips & Tricks, before shopping at Flipkart “Big billion day Sale” during 02-06-2016

    1. Pick price dropped product, Offers, Discount Deals
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    1. Pick the price dropped product, Offers, Discount Deals

    The first step look for products that have highest price drop or have the best discount deals or offers. This you can analyze from the discount percentage mentioned on the each product page. The higher is this percentage, the more is the price drop. Here,  Explore Flipkart Billion Day Sale or Flipkart Crazy Deals page. Which contain hand picked deals by Sitaphal Team.

    2. Avail Bank Offers

    Major banks take part in the Flipkart Big Sale. This time, you get instant discount from the SBI Bank for using your Credit/ Debit card while paying for your orders. You just need to use your card as per the bank instruction to make payment for your orders. That’s it. You get either get an instant discount, or Cashback credited to you.

    3. Earn Extra Cash back reward from Cashback Website.

    Cashback Websites in India provides extra Reward Credits for shopping through them. It’s simple, hassle free and extremely easy. Join today! Check the Sitaphal Flipkart Cashback Offers to grab the extra benefits on almost everything you shop online.

    Flipkart Next “Big Billion Day Sale” : Start Date 2-October-2016 till 6th

    Curious to know when is Flipkart big billion day offer or sale? Well, this is especially for them and everyone else, this grand sale will be very much available on 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 October 2016 (5 Day Mega Sale). You can buy whatever you want from electronics to clothing, accessories to bedding and more to enjoy the festive season with huge savings. You can also get  One Day or Same Day delivery with Flipkart’s express service available in major Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Secunderabad, Hyderabad and more.

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    Flipkart Big Billion Day 2016 Sale, Offers and Discount Deals

    India’s biggest online retailer is back with their greatest offers, this time its for five whole days. Amazing! Start preparing  your shopping list to take the plunge in the magnificent shopping fest. Offers will be available on the widest list or products. So, don’t miss the sale to buy the items of your choice and brand at prices that you can hardly think you can getting them for.

    Extra Instant Discount Offer on SBI User

    Flipkart HOME & Kitchen Big Billion Days Offers and Discount Deals

    1. 45% OFF on Bedsheets
    2. 63% OFF on Curtains
    3. 23% OFF on Lighting
    4. Min. 55% OFF on Kitchen Ware
    5. 15% OFF on Storage
    6. 23% OFF on KitchenTools
    7. 47% OFF on Wall Decor
    8. Up to 70% OFF on Showpieces
    9. Up to 83% OFF on Clocks
    10. Up to 85% OFF on Towels
    11. Up to 20% OFF on Coffee
    12. Up to 10% OFF on Mugs
    13. Up to 15% OFF on Screwdrivers

    Flipkart Mobile Phone Big Billion Days Sale

    Flipkart Mobile/Smartphone Big Billion Days Sale will not be alike to last years one. It will be more grand and magnificent than you ever thought of.

    Mobile Brand Offers

    •  Up to 55% OFF on Samsung Mobiles
    • Up to 20% OFF on Lenovo Mobiles
    • Up to 15% OFF on Motorola Mobiles
    • Extra 20% OFF on Asus Mobiles
    • Extra 25% OFF on Xiaomi/Mi Mobiles
    • Extra 30% OFF on Micromax Mobiles
    • Up to 55% OFF on HTC Mobiles

    Mobiles Offer

    • Samsung Galaxy J7
    • Moto X Play
    • Le 1S Eco

     Flipkart Big Billion Days Offer on Laptop

    If you are planning to buy laptop, This is right time to buy your favorite Laptop/Computer with accessories like Battery, Bag, Charger, etc.on Big Billion Days Sale. Also Get Extra Cashbaack on your every order by Sitaphal (Exclusive Top of all offers). Click above button “Get Flipkart cashback Offer” to know all cashback rate.

    • Extra 25% OFF on Apple Laptop
    • Up to 55% OFF on Acer Laptop
    • Up to 80% OFF on Lenovo Laptop
    • Max. 83% OFF on Dell Laptop
    • Min. 40% OFF on Asus Laptop
    • Min. 45% OFF on HP Laptop
    • Up to 55% OFF on Gaming Laptops
    • Min. 61% OFF on Entertainment Laptops
    • Min. 61% OFF on EveryDay Use laptop

    Flipkart TV Big Billion Days Sale

    Bring home brand new television set on this Navratri at discounted a price at Flipkart TV Big Billion Days Sale

    • Max.80% OFF on Vu TV
    • Min. 60% OFF on 40 inches TV
    • Min. 61% OFF on 32 inches TV
    • Max.83% OFF on Samsung TV
    • Extra 20% OFF on Sony TV
    • Extra 25% OFF on Panasonic TV
    • Up to 63% OFF on LG TV
    • Max. 85% OFF on Micromax TV
    • Extra 30% OFF on Smart TV
    • Min. 61% OFF on 4K TV
    • Min. 60% OFF on LED TV
    • Min. 60% OFF on Curved TV

    Flipkart Big Billion Days Offers on Jewellery

    Buy best piece of jewelleries at lowest online price only at Big Billion Days Sale. This offer is only for Flipkart App users. Buy from pendants & lockets, rings, earrings, precious jewellery, mangalsutras, nose pins, studs, bangles, bracelets and more.

    • Offer 1 – Flat 30% off on selected collection of Malabar Gold & Diamonds
    • Offer 2 – Extra 10% off on purchase jewellery at Bluestone
    • Offer 3 – Upto 20% off on jewellery shopping at Joyalukkas

    Flipkart Toys & Kids Wear Big Billion Days Sale

    With the festive season around the corner, grab the Flipkart Toys & Kids Wear Big Billion Days Sale to shop as much you want for your little ones at discounted prices.

    • Offer 1 – 40% off on JBN Creation Baby Boy’s Kurta and Dhoti Pant Set, buy @ Rs.599
    • Offer 2 – 53% off on Ashwini Self Design Anarkali Suit, buy @ 699
    • Offer 3 – 53% off on Jak Mean Remote Control Rechargeable Car With Steering, buy @ 490
    • Offer 4 – 30% off on Prasid Mini My Pad English Learner Computer for kids, buy @ 265

    Flipkart Shoes Big Billion Days Sale

    Get something very stylish at the same time comfortable for your foot. Check out Flipkart Shoes Big Billion Days Sale to from a wide range of products for all occasion along with amazing discounts on them.

    • Offer 1 – 54% off on Lotto Pacer Running Shoes for men, buy @ 1149
    • Offer 2 – 66% off on Lotto Pacer Running Shoes for men, buy @ 500
    • Offer 3 – 58% off on Paduki Ethnic Bellies for women, buy @ 500
    • Offer 4 – 77% off on Soft & Sleek Women Wedges for women, buy @ 500

    In this mega sale you can also buy Memory card, Pendrive, Trimmer, Freeze, etc. with extra cash back. *Note: Please Read T&C at Store pages.

    Explore like Big Billion Day Sale at Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm, Ebay and Shopclues

    Like Flipkart.com Big Billion Day Festival Sale, other e-commerce website like Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm, Ebay, Shopclues, Etc., has also introduced Mega discount with different name as below for their customers.



















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    Are you looking for Amazon Next Sale 2017 Dates? Or upcoming GOSF “Great Indian Festival“, Christmas or New Year Sale, etc., for bigger and better discount offers. Even the Amazon Great Indian Sale (#AGIS) can provide you those benefits. The company mostly gives huge and unbelievable discounts on all your favourite products. It invites you to shop Mobile, Laptop, TV, Camera, Bag, Shoe, Book and all other products when some of the greatest deals comes live.


    Amazon Great Indian Sale 2017 Dates

    Amazon Great Indian Sale 2017 will be live from 21st September to 24th September this year.

    Amazon Great Indian Sale September 2017 Highlights

    • Discount: Up to 80% Off on sitewide
    • Bank Offers: 10% Cashback for HDFC Card  Users
    • Wallet Offers: 10% Amazon Pay back of upto Rs.500.
    • Amazon Prime: Get Free Shipping  in a day

     Amazon Next Sale Date Schedule in 2017-18

    Upcoming Amazon Next Sale Date Shop Online
    Amazon Great Indian Sale 2017 21 – 24 September 2017 Visit Amazon
    Amazon New Year Sale 2017 30 Dec – 1 January 2017
    Visit Amazon
    Amazon Pongal/Sankranti Sale 2017 5 Jan – 14 January 2017
    Visit Amazon
    Amazon Republic Day Sale 2017 21 Jan – 26 January 2017
    Visit Amazon
    Amazon Valentine’s Day Sale 2017 1 Feb – 14 February-2017
    Visit Amazon
    Amazon Holi Sale 2017 1 Mar – 13 March 2017 Visit Amazon
    Few dates are expected ones. As soon as official announcement will be done, we’ll update the table. You can just bookmark this page to get all recent update for Amazon India Next sale.
    Shop at Amazon India & save on on all orders

    Explore Amazon Discount & Reward Offers

    Amazon Great Indian Sale on Mobiles Phones (Smartphone)

    This fantastic Amazon sale will bring smile on the face of every mobile phone lovers. You can buy budget phones, latest Android smartphones, dual SIM mobiles from brands like Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, OnePlus, Motorola, HTC, Coolpad, Infocus, Mi, etc.

    1. Offer – Buy Lenovo K4 Note @ Rs.10999. Register Now!
    2. Offer – Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Gold, 3 GB RAM) @ Rs.11999.
    3. Offer – Buy Samsung Galaxy J5 (Gold, 8GB) @ Rs.11390.
    4. Offer – Buy Coolpad Note 3 Lite (Black, 16GB) @ Rs.6999.
    5. Offer – Get 35% off on Apple iPhone 6 (Space Grey, 16GB). Buy @ Rs.40,600.
    Buy Mobile Phones from Amazon & get discount + Reward Credits on all orders

    Explore Amazon Mobile Phone Offers

    Amazon Next Bank Offer 2017

    The easy access to online shopping now comes accompanied with the most favorable offers. This is made possible with the partnership between e-store and the major banks in India. Along with the store price rebates, buyers can get discounts and Cashback on payments made through the debit or credit cards or net banking services of these banks. Some of the most popular name from banking industry taking part in this deal includes SBI, HDFC, Axis, Citi, Yes Bank, Kotak, and more. Look here for next bank offer.

    10% Cashback for SBI Users. More: Amazon Offers

    Amazon Next Festival Sale 2017

    Irrespective of what festival you are celebrating, shopping is a compulsory activity done for each of them. Till now you may have been spending a huge amount of money on it. But, this festive season it will be different as the e-store brings to you the most lucrative offers on everything you would be buying. Get your shopping list ready to buy more for less.

    Amazon Next Flash Sale 2017

    Flash Sale brings to you the array of extravaganza offers that are too rewarding to be true. These actually exist and come to live only for a short duration. Availing these you can bag you huge amount of saving. The only condition to avail is to grab it right away. Else, you may run out of time and miss the chance.

    Amazon Next Day Delivery 2017

    If you are paying extra for a next day delivery every time, do no more. Upgrade your Amazon.in account and become Prime member. The new Prime service is introduced by the e-commerce company to ensure buyers enjoy Next Day Delivery without extra charge. Try this out to get your favourites reach your doorsteps without making you wait for days.

    Amazon Great Indian Sale on  Laptops

    Don’t loose this brilliant opportunity to shop Laptops at highly discounted prices. Shop for a wide range of Chromebook, Convertible 2-in-1, Notebook and Ultrabook from top brands like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft, Asus, Microsoft, and more with anti reflective and touch-screen technology.

    • Offer – Buy Dell Inspiron 3541 (15.6-inch) Laptop @ Rs.21,8000.
    • Offer – Get 11% off on HP 15-ac119TU (15.6-inch) Laptop. Buy @ Rs.30,883.
    • Offer – Get 4% off on HP Pavilion X2 10-n028TU (10.1-inch) Laptop. Buy @ Rs.20,699.
    • Offer – Get 6% off on Apple MacBook Air MJVG2HN/A (13-inch) Laptop. Buy @Rs.30,883.
    • Offer – Get 16% off on Lenovo Ideapad Flex 2-14 59-429728 (14-inch) Laptop. Buy @ Rs.35,936.
    Buy Laptops from Amazon via Sitaphal & earn extra Cashback Reward on all orders

    Explore Amazon Cashback Offers

    Amazon Great Indian Sale on LED TVs

    At Amazon great Indian sale, you can discover the colossal gathering of LED TVs from different brands, with the best deals and offers. Shop the best sellers from HD Ready, Ultra HD and Full HD TVs available from brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Micromax, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba, Onida, Mitashi, Intex, etc.

    • Offer – Get 30% off on Micromax 32T7260HD 81.2 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV. Buy @ Rs.13,990.
    • Offer – Get 26% off on LG 32LF561D 80 cm (32 inches)HD Ready LED TV (IPS panel). Buy @ Rs.21,427.
    • Offer – Get 16% off on Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R412C 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV. Buy @Rs.27,500.
    • Offer – Get 31% off on Philips 32PFL3738/V7 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV. Buy @ Rs.16,788.
    Buy LED TVs from Amazon & get discount + extra Reward Credits on all orders

    Explore Amazon TV Offers

    Amazon Great Indian Sale on Cameras

    You can get a perfect picture only from a perfect camera. Buy best DSLRs, Point & Shoot, and Mirrorless cameras online at Amazon great Indian sale, you can get them from all popular brands like Canon, Samsung, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Lowepro and others along with all photography equipments.

    Offer – Buy Sony Alpha A5000L 20.1MP Digital SLR Camera @ Rs.28,999.
    Offer – Get 34% off on Nikon Coolpix L31 16.1MP Point And Shoot Digital Camera. Buy @ Rs.3309.
    Offer – Get 23% off on Nikon D3200 24.2MP Digital SLR Camera. Buy @ Rs.18,000.
    Offer – Get 41% off on Canon EOS 1200D 18MP Digital SLR Camera. Buy @Rs.18,999.

    Buy Cameras from Amazon & get discount + extra Reward Credits on all orders

    Explore Amazon Camera Offers

    Amazon Great Indian Sale on Bags & Backpacks

    At Amazon sale, you simply get the best deals on bags and backpacks.  It is the ultimate destination where you can find a massive collection of most stylish luggage, backpacks, travel bags, briefcases, Laptop bags, school bags, wallets, handbags, totes, satchels, slings, clutches and more to glam up your look every time you carry them. Explore them from all popular brands like VIP, American Tourister, Lavie, Baggit, Caprese, Hidesign, Butterflies, Fostelo, Woodland and more.

    • Offer – Get 50% off on Lavie Women’s Tapaculos Lg Handbag (Red). Buy @ Rs.2140.
    • Offer – Get 50% off on Diana Korr Women’s Handbag. Buy @ Rs.1890.
    Buy Bags & Backpacks from Amazon & get discount + extra Reward Credits on all orders

    Explore Amazon Offers

    Amazon Great India Sale on Shoes

    If  you want to get a variety of shoes for men and women at a single place, Amazon India is most suitable. The store has every type available – formal shoes, sneakers, loafers, floaters, sandals, sports, slippers, flip-flips, plums, ballet flats, peeptoes, heels and more. Get them from most popular brands like Woodland, Lee Cooper, Bata, Nike, Clarks, Fila, Puma, Adidas, Red Tape, Reebok, Tresmode, Converse and many more. This attractive range of products is available at marvelous discounted prices only on upcoming Great Indian Sale.

    Buy Shoes from Amazon & get discount + extra Reward Credits on all orders

    Explore Amazon Offers

    Amazon Great India Sale on Books & E-books

    Amazon houses millions of books from collection of genres. Buy books & e-books from classics, fiction, drama, historical, biographical, children’s book, competitive exam prep and more. Get them at lowest prices only on Great Indian Sale.

    Buy Books & e-Books from Amazon & get discount + extra Reward Credits on all orders

    Explore Amazon Offers

    How To Grab Amazon Great Indian Sale (#AGIS)

    1. Click the above buttons Or Visit Amazon Store to Explore Amazon Offers
    2. Login/Sign Up Sitaphal App/ website via Facebook/Google+
    3. Go to Online Store & Click “Shop Now” to Visit Retailer website
    4. Shop & Enjoy Discount!
    5. Mobile phone user can Download Sitaphal App Download Now for easy browsing

    Amazon Big Sale 2017

    Following the success of the last Great Indian Festive sale, this time it is expected to be even better chance for Indian online shoppers to grab the greatest deal ever. Enjoy the hourly Deals which will be accompanied with latest offers in every 30 minutes. This sale will be all about paying the lowest possible price for the best products. It is a golden chance for you to make shopping more pocket friendly, so get ready with your shopping list to grab the fabulous sale and make your shopping experience even more delightful. Browse to explore more about the deals on items across all classifications.



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    Nowadays, everybody needs a mobile phone. So, Sitaphal Team has listed a comprehensive summary of the best offers during Diwali, Christmas, and New Years 2018-17. If you are you planning to buy High-End, Mid-Range, Budget, and Essential phones, then you are at right place, explore today’s best online smartphone cashback deals for October to January 2018 by Sitaphal.com on your favorite online e-stores like Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Ebay, etc. Explore and pick the best from all top brands Nokia, Micromax, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, etc. Some are very popular smartphone Moto E4 Plus/C Plus/G5, Mi Note 4, iPhone 7/8, Lenovo K8 Note/Plus, Redmi 4a/Note 4, etc.

    Flipkart Festival Mobile Phone 2017

    Time and again you can find Flipkart Mobile offers during Dusshera, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and other festivals from this mega online retailer on numerous latest phones. The store is already a leader in providing exclusive products to their customers, is now providing these discount offers on their best selling ones.

    Offer 1 – Redmi Note 4 (3GB & 4GB RAM) (White & Black) starts @ Rs.9999
    Offer 2 – Lenovo K8 Plus @ Rs.9499
    Offer 3 – Infinix Hot Pro @ Rs.6499
    Offer 4 – Samsung Galaxy On Nxt @ Rs.12,900
    Offer 5 – Apple iPhone 6 @ Rs.23,999
    Offer 6 – Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro @ Rs.6,990.
    Offer 7 – Oppo F3 @ Rs.18990.
    Offer 8 – Moto G5 Plus @ Rs.12,999.

    Explore: All Offers on Mobiles

    Earn! Extra up to 10% Rewards on all orders at Flipkart made via Sitaphal.

    How To get extra up to 10% Rewards on Every Order

    1. Visit Sitaphal Flipkart Offers 
    2. Browse & Pick Deals
    3. Click on “Shop Now” button  
    4. Login/Sign UP Sitaphal via Facebook/Google+
    5. At the Flipkart store, shop like you normally do.
    6. Shop & Enjoy Reward!

    Amazon Festival Mobile Phone 2017

    Amazingly designed for a grand experience, the Amazon Mobile offers are here. Now, no more paying the full price to buy any phone from this online store, as each one of them are available with epic discount.

    Offer: No Cost EMI & extra discount on Exchange

    Explore: All Mobile Offers

    Shopclues Mobile Phone Offer

    Shopclues mobile phone Cashback offers are available for all shoppers who likes to buy products at discounted prices. Just visit the online store, buy the latest mobile and grab the discount offers.

    Offer 1 – 17% off on HTC Desire 326G (Dual Sim), buy @ Rs.6699.
    Offer 2 – 9% off on Micromax Canvas Xpress 2, buy @ Rs.6699.
    Offer 3 – 20% off on MicroSoft Lumia 640 XL (Dual Sim), buy @ Rs.12,999.

    Explore: All Mobile Offers

    Earn! Extra up to 8.5% Cashback on all orders at Shopclues placed via Sitaphal

    @Shopclues Offers

    Ebay Mobile Phone Offers 2017

    Enjoy the delightful Ebay mobile phone cashback offers available only at this online store. Buy now to get some of the marvelous discount deals.

    Offer 1 – Panasonic Eluga ICON (Dual Sim), buy @ Rs.11,441.
    Offer 2 – Apple iPhone 5s (16 GB, GSM, Silver), buy @ Rs.24,545.

    Explore: All Mobile Offers

    Earn! Extra up to 8.5% Cashback (Without Coupons) on all your orders exclusive from Sitaphal.com.

    @Ebay Offers

    Snapdeal Festival Mobile Offers 2017

    Get your “dil ki deal” with Snapdeal mobile phone Cashback Reward offers. Enjoy massive discounts on buying exclusive mobile phones from this online store.

    Offer 1 – 17% off on Karbonn Titanium S200HD (8 GB, Black+Silver), buy @ Rs.4957.
    Offer 2 – 36% off on Samsung Galaxy Grand Max (16 GB), buy @ Rs.11,499.
    Offer 3 – 10% off on Zopo ZP951 Speed 7 (16 GB), buy @ Rs.12,999.
    Offer 4 – 28% off on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT I9500 (16 GB), buy @ Rs.13,999.
    Offer 5 – InFocus M812 (16 GB), buy @ Rs. Rs.19,999.

    Paytm Mobile Festival Offer 2017

    In the last few months, Paytm mobile phone cashback offers have received immense popularity among the customers because of the huge discounts and marvelous cashback offered by the store.

    How to get Mobile Phone Cashback Offers 2017 on Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Ebay and More

    Terms and Conditions

    1.  You must login, Click “Shop Now” to visit the Retailer & Place order
    2. Do not use Ad blockers/ malicious browser extensions
    3. Do not use Retailers’ Mobile App (except Flipkart App) to place order
    4. If payment fails in the first attempt, please empty cart & place your order again
    5. Add products to cart only after you click out from Sitaphal.com
    6. After Click out, place order in one session without visiting other websites
    7. Do not use Gift Voucher or Wallet to place your order
    8. We can not guarantee Cashback if we fail to track your order for unknown reasons
    For other Offers & Cashback on Latest Mobiles Browse Latest Mobile Offers

    The post Upcoming Diwali, Christmas, and New Year Mobile Offers 2018-17 appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    Gearing up the festive celebration and for the convenience of the rail passengers, like every year, this time too Government has arranged special train for Diwali, Chhath Puja, and Durga Pooja 2018-2017. The Indian Railway will introduce this train service to clear the extra rush during these festivals. The number is close to 4,000. Passengers will have to pay around 30% extra charge than usual fare to buy a ticket.
    Adding to this, extra coaches will be added in 306 existing train to accommodate more passengers. This number goes about 9,500 and the special service is available for Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad route.

    The special train service has already started from September 15 onwards and will continue until October 30. You can buy tickets from IRCTC and order food on the train as well. This definitely is a major hope for people traveling a long distance to meet their dear ones during the festival. Let’s find out more details on the service.

    Special Train for Diwali 2017

    Eastern Railway Diwali Special Trains 2017

    02263/02264 Sealdah – Ajmer – Sealdah weekly special
    02265/02266 Sealdah – Anand Vihar – Sealdah weekly special
    03043/03044 Howrah – Raxaul – Asansol weekly special
    03135/03136 Kolkata – Chhapra – Asansol weekly special
    03511/03512 Asansol – Patna – Asansol weekly special
    03427/03428 Malda Town – Haridwar – Malda Town weekly special
    04205/04206 Kolkata – Lucknow – Kolkata weekly special
    03051/03052 Howrah – Jammu Tawi – Howrah weekly special

    Northern Railway Special Trains List

    04416/04415 New Delhi-Haridwar-NewDelhi Tri-Weekly Express A.C.Special Train (54 trips)
    04422/04421 Anand Vihar Terminal –Lucknow- Anand Vihar Terminal Weekly AC Express Special Train (18 Trips)
    04420/04419 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Lucknow-Hazrat Nizamuddin Weekly AC Express Special Train (18 Trips)
    04046/04045 Anand Vihar Terminal- Gorakhpur- Anand Vihar Terminal Weekly Express Special Train (18 trips)
    04974/04973 Firozpur- Darbhanga- Firozpur Weekly express Special train( 18 Trips)
    04424/04423 Anand Vihar Terminal- Saharsa- Anand Vihar Terminal Bi-Weekly Express Special Train (34 trips)
    04409/04410 Delhi Jn. – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra – Delhi Jn. Tri-Weekly Special train ( 52 trips)
    04414/04413 Anand Vihar Terminal-Lucknow-Anand Vihar Terminal Bi-Weekly Express Special Train (34 Trips)
    04206/04205 Lucknow-Kolkata-Lucknow Weekly Express Special( 18 trips)
    04044/04043 Anand Vihar Terminal- Gaya- Anand Vihar Terminal Weekly Express Special Train (16 trips)
    04924/04923 Chandigarh-Gorakhpur-Chandigarh Weekly Special(16 Trips)
    04042/04041 Anand Vihar Terminal-Jay Nagar- Anand Vihar Terminal Bi-Weekly Express Special ( 34 Trips)
    04418/04417 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Pune- Hazrat Nizamuddin Weekly AC Express Special Train
    04426/04425 Hazrat Nizamuddin –Kochhivelli- Hazrat Nizamuddin Weekly Superfast AC Express Special
    04408/04407 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Durg- Hazrat Nizamuddin Weekly AC Superfast Express Special Train
    04406/04405 Delhi-Darbhanga- Delhi Bi-Weekly AC Express Special Train
    04404/04403 New Delhi-Barauni-New Delhi Bi-Weekly AC Express Special Train

    Also Check: 10+ Happy Diwali Wallpaper Images

    Special Train for Chhath Puja 2017

    Chhat Puja will be celebrated on 26th October. The day is inclusive of when the special train service for Diwali is available. Therefore, you can find train a suitable from the above list to travel.

    Special Train for Durga Pooja 2017

    As already mentioned the festival special trains are available from 15th September to 30th October, this includes the Durga Pooja days. Therefore, you can travel via the same trains.

    Also Read: Flipkart Next Sale 2017 Dates

    The post Gov. Special Train for Diwali, Chhath Puja, and Durga Pooja 2018-17 appeared first on Sitaphal Blog.

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    Are you looking for the Infinix Service Center in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and more locations across India? You have landed the right space. Here we have posted an elaborate list covering all the cities where repair and software updating of the smartphones from this brand are taken care of. Whether you have an Infinix Hot 4 Pro or Note 4 or any other model and it is troubling you, all you need to do is simply locate the nearest place, either you walk in or call them to get the best technical solution for your issues.

    Buying a new phone is super exciting!! The next important thing is keeping the info about the authorized service centers handy as your favorite gadget may anytime need technical assistance. Whether the issue is small or major, a qualified technician gives you the best help. So, if you have already purchased an Infinix Smartphone, bookmark this page to locate the nearest one anytime.

    Also Check: Redmi Note 4 Service Center in India

    Infinix Service Centers in India

    Andaman And Nicobar

    Vinayak Shree Enterprises
    1st Floor, Mahamati Complex, Jyoti Auto Building, Dollygunj, Port Blair, Andaman And Nicobar

    Andhra Pradesh

    6-2-84/A2, 1st Floor, Bhavani Nagar, K.T. Road, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

    Baba Cell Point
    23B/4/67, Srinivasa Theatre Street, R R Pet, Eluru, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

    Bhavya Mobile Services
    19/1/87, Vallabhai Street, Shop No-F1, F2, Young Magistick Plaza Cinema Road, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

    Bright Solutions
    47 9 14, 3rd Lane, Dwarakanagar, Vishakhapatnam

    Durga Communications
    18, 1, 14, Telephone Exchange Road, Sali Peta, Tenali, Dist-Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

    Hi Tech Communication
    D.No. 6-11-6, 11/3 Lane, Arundelpet, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

    M & B Cellular
    9/1/58/3, Room No-4, Y T Complex, Railway Road, Hindupur, Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh

    M K Mobiles
    Shop No-2, Nani Complex, M.G. Road, Vizianagaram,VJM, Andhra Pradesh

    Mobicare Tele Services
    7/1/9, High School Road, Amalapuram, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

    My Phone Mobile
    Shop No-1, Bank of Baroda upstaires, Petromax Street,Srikakulam,Andhra Pradesh

    14/232, 233, 234, Ground Floor, 1 And 2, Paniraj Towers, Kamala Nagar, Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh

    Omkar Mobiles & Services
    22/2/49, Room No-6, S V Complex, Kovur Road, Kandukur, Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh

    S V Mobile Care
    Door No-4-229, Avenue Road, Near Jyothi Talkies, Madanapally, Dist-Chittor, Andhra Pradesh

    S V Mobiles
    10/294, Upstairs Besides Mee Seva Building, Opp-Guruswamy Ice Company, Gandhi Road,Proddatur, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh

    Siri Infotech
    49-9-26, By Pass Road, Danavaipeta, Rajamahendravaram

    Sree Pavan Enterprises
    D.No-19/419/5, 1st Floor, Balaji Sweet Stall Upstairs, Opp-Municipal School, MM Road, Adoni, Andhra Pradesh

    Sri Jishnu Communications
    28/22/14, Rehaman Street, Arundalpet, Vijayawada

    Sri SV Communication
    Shop No-17, 1st Floor, Kamashi Complex, Beside Canara Bank, JV Street, Trunk Road, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

    Sri Sai Venkateswara Associates
    Shop No-5/B Block, 1st Floor, Gupthas Square, 60 Feet Road, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh

    Swapna Communications
    Shop No-39, Park Road, Bhupal Complex, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

    Vijaya Ganapathi Cell Servicing
    2,1,21, Near Ganesh Canteen, Tiles Bazar Complex, JP Road, Bhimavaram, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

    Vijayalakshmi Communications
    4/781, Sivalingam Street, Opp-Nagendra Prasad Hospital, Kadapa, AP

    Yodhasree Technologies
    Shop No-11, Sowjanya Complex, Srinivasa Center, Nandyal, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

    Arunachal Pradesh

    Aries Corps
    01, Abu Complex, Bank Tinali, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh


    Digital World
    Circuit House Road, Opp-DSA Ground, Silchar, Assam

    Global Enterprise

    Lyngdoh Services
    Below Mahari’s,Near Firebrigade,P.O.- Laitumkhrah,Shillong,Meghalaya





    Ramdeo Communication
    Ward No-11, Holding No-663, A.T. Road, Marwaripatti, Dibrugarh, Assam

    Rimjhim Mobile

    Ritika Mobile Care
    Ward No-6, Holding No-45, AOC Road, Bongaigaon

    S. B. Mobile Solution
    Mohan Complex, Garali, Johrat, Assam


    AK Enterprises
    Neemtalla Road, Near Sitla Mandir, Munger

    Aditya Service Centre
    Station Road, Khagaria, Bihar

    Apsara Vastralaya & Manpasand Readymade
    Khash Bazar, Haweli Kharagpur, Dist-Munger, Bihar

    Aryan Communication
    Gandhi Path, Gandhi Chowk, Saharsa

    Azad Telecom
    Market Today, Kachahry Chowk, Begusarai

    Care Line
    Mangal Bazar, Nabinagar

    Chandan Mobile
    Quamruddin Ganj, Near Gandhi Maidan, Biharsharif

    Chhaya Mobile Centre
    Post Office, Lakhisarai

    City Care
    Balua Tal,Motihari,East Champaran


    Aks Telecom
    Quite Office 1st, Sector-35A, Chandigarh


    AMV Services
    Shop No-3 & 11, 1st Floor, Nigam Complex, Deviganj Road, Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh

    Aayesha Communication
    Anuvarat Plaza, Phool Chowk, Shop No B-4, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

    Ajay Mobile Point
    Near Gaytri Temple, Shankar Ward, Mungeli, Chhattisgarh

    Ankita Telecom
    Near Bus Stand, Infront of Gaushala, Kawardha, Chhattisgarh

    Harsh Mobile Point
    Shop No-205, Kotra Road, By Pass, Ella Mall, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

    Jai Ambey Mobile Shop
    Vindhyavasini Ward, Near Bilai Mata Mandir, Dhamtari, Chattisgarh

    Jain Computers
    Gurudwara Comples, Main Road, Kondagaon, Chhattisgarh


    Godsons Enterprises
    G-12, 10/54, B.D. Chamber, D.B. Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

    Harkrishan Gallery & Services
    UG-26, Suneja Tower 2, District Centre Janakpuri, New Delhi

    Omkar Service
    179 & 180, Block-A, Pocket-1, Sector-6, Rohini, New Delhi

    Perfect Service
    Shop No G-7, Ground Floor, Vardhman Fortune Mall, G.T.K. Road,New Delhi

    Service City
    201, 2nd Floor, Sagar Plaza, Behind PSK, Laxminagar, New Delhi

    Technocare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    B-10/11, Basement Floor, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi

    The Care Point
    B-85, Main Loni Road, Jyoti Colony, Durga Mandir, Shahdara, New Delhi

    Viaan Services
    Shop no.109, First Floor D-211,Laxman Plaza,Munirka Village, New Delhi


    Aastha Enterprises
    Shop No F-8, Sadashiv Plaza, Opp. Jama Masjid, Ponda, GOA

    CCom Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd
    S-7, 2nd Floor, A-1, Jairam Complex, Neugi, Panjim, GOA

    Prime Options
    Shop F4, 1st Floor, Khalap Building Above Canara Bank, Mapusa, GOA

    Zoom Services
    Shop No B-9, Malbhat Hights, Malbhat, Margao, GOA


    A TO Z Enterprises
    Shop No-4, Sardar Patel Shopping Centre, 0, Station Road, Palitana,Gujarat

    AB Communication
    SB 10, Near Express Hotel, Windsor Plaza, RC Dutt Road, Alkapuri,Vadodara, Gujarat

    Ashapura Mobile
    Shop No. 13-14, Plot No-10, 1st Floor, Bhai Pratap Super Market, Ward No-12/A, Gandhidham

    Avasha Electronic
    Shop No 8U, Venchuree Apartment, Gitanjali Society, Maneklal Road, Navsari, Gujarat

    Best Telecom Service
    10, 1st Floor, Citilight Complex,0, Citilight Road, Palanpur

    Chamunda Mobile
    First Fllo, Gandhi Baug Road, Opp-Khadi Bhandar, Above Darshan Selection, Mahuva, District-Bhavnagar,

    Communication Merchants
    C-68,70, Shreeji Arcade, Anand Mahal Road, Adajan, Surat, Olpad, Surat

    Drishti Technology
    Shop No-12, Satyam Tower, Opp- Maninagar Raj Station, Maninagar, Ahmedabad

    Ezzy Enterprises
    118, Sai Majesty Complex, Opp-Hotel Papilon, Koparli Char Rasta, Gunjan, Vapi

    Foram Infosys

    1st Floor, St Anthony’s Hostel Building, Dharampur Road,Valsad

    G Multimedia Sales
    Shop No-9,10, Kaviraj Complex, 0, Lavji Gali, Dharampur, Gujarat

    J B Service
    51, Opera House, Opp- BPM Cycle, Ground Floor, Station Road, Amreli

    J V Services
    108, J B School Shopping Centre,0, Tower Road, Vyara, Surat, Gujarat

    137,Krishna Arcade,Near Bus Stand,Radhanpur

    Jasmin Mobile Care
    102, Sahjanand Arcade, 1, Gani Market, Una

    Jaydeep Mobile
    Shop No-102, Karanpara Complex,Sadguru Complex,Rajkot

    Kavya Mobile Services
    F-27, City Point, First Floor, Station Road, Patan

    Kavya Mobile Services
    F-63, Vimal Super Market, Mehsana

    Maa Krupra Communication
    84 Plot, Laxmi Complex, NA, Thara, Gujarat

    Maan Enterprise
    H-Building, Jaydeep Shopping Center, Chikhli, Dist-Navsari, Gujarat

    Manoj Electronics
    Near State Bank of India, Bardoli

    Maruti Enterprise
    Shop No-88, Ground Floor, Madhav Darshan, Waghawadi Road, Bhavnagar, Gujarat

    G-14, Ravi Complex, Opp-Decent GIDC Ankleshwar, Gujarat

    New Siddhivinayak Mobile
    Shop No-8, Ground Floor, Anupam Cinema Road, Lakhota Talav, Jamnagar, Gujarat

    P N Telecom
    6,Accord Hospital Building,Mundra Road, Bhuj

    Patel Mobile
    6, Opp- Dhruv Raj Palace, Mahila Mandal Road, Botad

    Prince Mobile
    Shop No-19, Shiv Market, Opp- ST stand, Visnagar

    Raj Communication
    1st Floor, Shreenath Ji Shopping Centre, Modasa

    Reliable Communication
    2, Basement, City Tower, Station Road, Dahod, Gujarat

    Royal Mobile
    2, Radhakrushna Complex, 2, Zala Road, Dhangadhra, Gujarat

    Rudra Techcare
    Jiva Bava Road, Behind Multiplex Road, Rajula

    212165, Sarvoday Market, 2, Opp Bus Stand, Idar, Gujarat

    Sanjari Mobile
    Shop No-37, Prizam Complex, Bus Stand Road, Junagadh

    Sanjari Mobile
    Somnath Apratment, Lohana Mahajanvadi, Satta Bajar, Veraval, Gujarat

    Sanjari Mobile
    Shital Complex, Hospital Road, Porbandar

    Satnam Teleshoppe
    Power House, Godhra

    Satyam infotech
    F-7 St Stand Road,Ganesh Chembers,Himatnagar

    Shiv Mobile
    C/O Ekta Mobile,City Mall Complex,8,Ground Floor,Amreli

    Shivam Communication
    Lokhand Bazar Nake, Mandal Road, Golpitha, Viramgam, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Shree Ram Enterprise
    1, Baloj Complex,0,Unjha

    Shree Ram Enterprise
    Shop No-10, 11, Krishna Chember, 8, Vasant Plot, 0, Ravapur Road, Morbi, Rajkot, Gujarat

    Shree Sai Enterprises
    F-3/4, 1st Floor, Amul Complex, Anand

    Shreeji Care
    2nd Floor, Jalani Shopping Centre, Main Bazar, Deesa, Gujarat

    Sonu Mobile Shop
    Shop No-15, Vishnu Nagar,0,Kim Char Rasta, Mangrol, Gujarat

    Subham Mobile Care
    Vaidh Zerox Upar, Vaidh Complex, Kanakiya Plot, Jetpur Dist-Rajkot

    The Mobile Planet
    F/118, City Mall-1, Navjivan Shopping Kalol

    True Value Computers Pvt Ltd.
    104, Center Point Building, Civil Char Rasta, Ring Road, Surat

    Umiya Electronics And Mobile Service
    1st Floor, Near Handloom House, Sidhnath Complex,Surendranagar

    College Road, Shitvandan Complex, Nadiad, Gujarat

    Vishva Enterprise
    226, Shayona Arcade, Near Shyam Shikhar, Opp- Dinesh Chamber, Tolnaka, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad

    109, 1st Floor, Super Mall 2, Behind IDBI Bank,Infocity Gandhinagar

    Z Plus Mobile Gallery
    8, Patel Society, Near Shital Circle, Bharuch


    Best telecom
    Near Annapurna Sweets, Gol Bank Chowk, Amin Road, Kurukshetra

    Bhateja telecom mobile care center
    Court Road, Tohana

    C.M. Communication
    Balaji Market, Near Karanati Chowk, Mandi Adampur, Dist- Hisar, Haryana

    CTIS(Cyber tech Info systems)
    DDS No-305,Ground Floor & Basement,Sector-20,Panchkula

    Cell Point Mobile Service
    Ward No-7, Shop No-565, Ambala Nahan Road, Dashmesh Welding Works, Naraingarh

    GMG Communication
    Shop No-22,Halwasiya Mall,Hansi Gate,Bhiwani

    INS Telecom
    12/474, Batra Colony, Gurudwara Road, Sonipat

    Jai Maa Enterprises
    Shop No-977/22, 1st Floor, Delhi Road, Opp-The Rohtak Central Cooprative Bank, Near Pizzahut, Rohtak

    Jamdagani Enterprises
    Opp- Gijhi More, Rohtak Road, Sampla

    Jeetu Mobiles
    Silani Gate,Jhajjar,Haryana

    Jyoti Mobiles
    Shop No-4, Opp-Jat School, Ground, Kaithal, Haryana

    Kansal Associates
    Jhanjh Gate,Near Shiv Chowk,Jind

    Klash Mobile Repairing
    Near Azad Chowk, Opp- Sharda Hospital, Meham, Haryana

    Krishna Mobile
    Rohtak Chowk, Charkhi Dadri

    Luccky Communication
    New Colony Road,Behind Anupam Jewellers,Palwal

    Mobile Clinic
    AC Complex, Govt School Street, Pinjore, Panchkula, Haryana

    Mobile Plaza
    Shop No-10, Sanjay Market, Near Balaji Mandir, M.C. Road, Narwana

    Nancy Electronics
    Near Moda Wala Temple, Sekwal Tower, Narnaul

    New Hans telecom
    Old Sabzi Mandi, Gohana

    Nitin Communication
    Shop No-467-A/4, west colony, Panipat

    P.K. Distributions
    Bhagat Singh Road, Near S.D. Modern Public School, Hansi

    Pawan marketting
    Gaushala Road, Near Ch. Devi Lal Chowk, Ellenabad

    Sach Collection Point
    Shop No. LG4/6, Hotel Devi Palace , Opp. Raj Cinema, Old road Gurgaon

    Sachdeva sales corporations
    Behind LIC Building, Old Civil Hospital Complex, Sirsa

    Shivam Communication
    Shop No-305, Cinema Road, Opp-PNB Mahendergarh, Haryana

    Shree Radhee Communication
    Devi Bhawan Road,Hisar

    Singh Telecom
    Near Post Office, Assandh

    Shop No-106, Palika Bazar, Fatehabad

    Tara Tele And Mobile
    Shop No-3, Mela Ram School Market, Karnal

    Yash Associates
    Shop No-3,Shiv Chowk,Najafgarh Road,Near Shiv Studio,Bahadurgarh

    Yogi Communication
    Shop No-15, Basement Krishna Place, Ajronda Chowk, Neelam Flyover, Faridabad

    Himanchal Pradesh

    Asian Communication
    Thenera Bazaar, College Road, Mandi, Himanchal Pradesh

    Bhayana Trade Links Pvt. Ltd.
    Nangal Road, Mandeep Complex, Nokia Dealer, Opp- Govt College, Una

    City Bussiness Center
    Bus Stand,Theog

    Dhawan Infotech
    Jandev Complex, Shop No-7, Rajgarh Road, Solan, HP

    Divyam Communications
    Opp-Naresh Steel Furniture, NH-21, Bhagbhan Dass Market, Sundernagar, Himanchal Pradesh

    Mohalla Hatnala, Chamba

    Intouch Communication
    Above Indusland Bank The Mall, D.C. Office, Shimla

    Jai Bala Ji communication
    Near Rotary Chowk, Sai Road, Baddi

    Nayyer Electronics
    Near Gurugovind Singh Chowk, Badrinagar, Paonta Sahib, Dist-Sirmour, Himanchal Pradesh

    Nikhil Communication
    New Bus Stand, Ghumarwin, Dist-Bilaspur, Himanchal Pradesh

    Om Mobile Repair
    Opp- Degree College Chowk, Anu, Hamirpur

    R.K. Times & Communication
    House No-VPO, Bhuntar, HP

    Ravi Electronics
    Near Punjab National Bank, Rohru

    S N Associates
    Below Tarun Feeling Station, Sector-2, Parwanoo

    Sharma Electronics
    Jassur Tehsil, Nurpur, Himanchal Pradesh

    Sharma Mobile repair
    Suraj Kund Road, Kangra

    Sharma Provision Store
    House No-VPO, Anni, Dist-Kullu, HP

    Surinder Communication
    Shop No-25,Phase-1, Indera Market, Rampur

    Yuvika Enterprises
    Saket Plaza, Palampur, HP

    Jammu & Kashmir

    Azad Enterprises
    Near Distt Industries Office, Kulgam, J&K

    Cell Well
    Badshah Bridge, Srinagar

    Digital Mobile Service
    0, Near Makazi Jamia Masjid, Bandipora, J&K

    Dutta Enterprises
    7-C,Bus Stand,Jammu

    Friends Mobile Care
    Chat Complex,2nd Floor,Chatpora,Pulwama,J&K

    Mahavir Enterprises
    Behind SBI Main Bazar,Akhnoor

    Malik Multi Stores
    Chinar Complex, Opp-Womens College, Srinagar, J&K

    Newtech Communication
    1, National Highway, Nank Bhawan, Baramula

    Shah Communication
    Main Bazar, Thathri, Doda, J&K

    Sharma Communication
    Ward No. 14, Sawan Chauk Kathua, jammu

    Sheikh And Co.
    Auquf Bulding, Second Store New Chowk , Anantnag

    Shivom Enterprises
    556,A, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, J&K

    Soneay Mobile Store
    Opposite Shahidi Park, Adersh Colony, Udhampur

    Time N Sound
    City Chowk, Rajouri, J&K


    Priansu Mobile
    Opp-Gramin Bank, Main Road, Murhu, Khunti

    Ayush Telecom
    Police Station, Nagar Panchayat Jamtara, Ward No-10, Mouja Sarkheldih No-11/43, A.K.J. No-30, Plot No-126/A, Jamtara

    Friends Communications
    Ranchi Patna Road, Soni Complex, Jhumri Telaiya, Koderma

    Hi- Tech Service
    Plot No-GC/14, City Center, Sector-4, B.S. City, Bokaro

    Kanan Electrical & Electronics
    Savitri Complex,Station Road,Dinbandhu Chowk,Deoghar

    Khushi Enterprises
    Main Road, Phusro, Na, Phusro, Bokaro, Jharkhand

    MD Jamil
    2nd Floor, Near United Bank, Simdega

    Maa Ambey Services
    Rospa Tower, 2nd Floor, Ranchi-834001

    Maa Mobiles
    Jail hata, Jail Road, Daltonganj

    Mobile Care
    Opp- Sadar Hospital, Dumka

    Mobile Garden
    Main Road, Garhwa, Jharkhand

    Mobile World
    Shop No-5&6, 2nd Floor, City Plaza, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Malviya Marg, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

    New Mobile Center
    Gola Road, Chatti Bazar,Near Samrat Hotel, Ramgarh

    Nirmala Enterprises
    Back Of P.N. Bank, Savitree Apartment, Shastri Nagar, Bank More, Dhanbad

    Premium Services
    2nd Floor,Khas Mahal,Holding No-271,Plot No-2025 & 2026,Amla Tola, Chaibasa

    Raj Enterprises
    Makatpur Road, At Rama Complex, Opp-Shivam Hospital, 1st Floor, Barganda, Giridih, Jharkhand

    Shop No-8,Tinbangla Market,Pakur

    SK Computer
    College Road, Sahibganj, Jharkhand

    Saboo Infotech
    Dhobi Mohalla, 00, Lohardaga Road, Gumla

    Shakti Telecom
    Station Road, Japla, Jharkhand

    Shree Ganpati Electronics
    Thana Chowk, 44, Rajdhanwar, Jharkhand

    Suraj Mobile
    Upper Bazar,Mahabir Chowk,Lohardaga

    Tech Solution
    H.No. 77A, Naina Neha Palace, Tank Road, Sakchi, Jamshedpur

    Universal Service
    Hospital Road, Near Bus Stand, Asanbanhi, Godda


    Appu Agency
    Shop No-4, M.G. Naik Building, Sirsi, Karnataka

    Ascom Solution
    MPL No-2-1-31, SGM Complex, Androon Quilla, Raichur, Karnataka

    Atharva Communication
    Shop No-3, Lakshmi Ram Building, MG Road Cross, Tumkur, Karnataka

    C.M. Telecom
    Shop No-8, SY. No.45/4 & 46, 1st Floor, Kohinoor Road, Madikeri, Karnataka

    GSJ Infotech
    30/A, 1st Floor, Opp-Vijaya Glass House D. Deveraja URS Road, Mysore, Karnataka

    Harshitha Mobiles
    No.3-3-10/3-3-10, Opp. Bank of India, Gallemma, Gudi Complex, Gangavathi, Karnataka

    I Mobiles
    Shop No-1-2-18, 1st Floor, West Kallur Complex Market Road, Gandhi Chowk,Yadgir, Karnataka

    Lucky Mobile
    CMC No-9-3-71, Near Old Post Office, Shahgunj, Bidar, Karnataka

    M Gouse Mobile Centre
    Anjuman Complex, Shop No-26, Saiyedsaheb Darga, Mudhol, Karnataka

    M P Telecom
    No-30/31, Shop No-6, Basement Floor, Dinnur, Main Road, R T Nagar, Bagalore, Karnataka

    M S Mobiles
    No-7/471, Neara Kala, Mantapa, Opp-Souther Extensio, Kollegala, Karnataka

    M2 Infocom
    No- D3/750/1986/F, 1st Floor, Sri Complex, R P Road, Subashnagar, Mandya, Karnataka

    Makam Electronics
    D.No-19C/16, Upstair, Himalaya Building, Opp-Ennoble House, K C Road, Bellary, Karnataka

    Meop Solutions
    Shop No-101, Aadi Shakti Arcade, Ansurkar Galli, Belguam, Karnataka

    Millennium Comp Care
    4th Block, Vanigothra Complex, Ground Floor, B D Road, Chitradurga, Karnataka

    Mobile Care
    Gutti Complex, Jail Circle, Kuvempu Road, Shimoga, Karnataka

    Mobile India
    Prashant Bhavan, Post Circle, Ranebennur, Karnataka

    Newtronics Cell Care
    MN No 7305/5408, Shop No-1, I Road, Opp-Malnad Paradise, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

    PPR Mobile Services
    Shop No-111, S S Complex, Opp-Prakash Paper Mart, Blde Road, Vijayapur, Karnataka

    Prins Communication
    D No- 4-3-419/12, Ground Floor, Golden Arcade, MG Road, Kodialbail, Mangaluru, Karnataka

    Rishika Communication
    Shop No-7, Ground Floor, SLN Building, Iyyappa Temple Road, T. Dasarahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka

    S K Mobile Care Centre
    No-72/1, 1st Floor, Begur Road, Bommanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka

    Sean Matrix
    384, Suguna Complex, Near KSRTC Bus Stand, Kolar, Karnataka

    Shree A One Sales Shop
    Shop No-1, M K Towers, Beside Chetan School, Super Market, Gazipr , Gulbarga, Karnataka

    Shree Communication
    Ward No-14, 1st Floor, SAS Complex, Salagame Road, Aralikatte Circle, Hassan, Karnataka

    Shree Ganesh Electronics
    C.M.C. Gala No-30, Ashok Nagar, Nipani, Karnataka

    Shree Maruthy Mobiles
    Shop No-3, Above Thalacherry Restaurant, Anand Nagar, Near Marathalli Bridge Bus Stop, Bangalore,


    Shrishti Services
    No-62B, Ground Floor, 10th Main, 4th Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, Karnataka

    Skanda Shree Mobiles
    Rangappa Complex, Vitoba Temple Road, Best arpet, Doddaballapur, Bangalore, Karnataka

    Smart Care Electro Services Pvt Ltd
    No-3, 9th Main Road, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangaluru, Karnataka

    Sri Aditya Communication
    Near Siddivinayaka Temple, Compounders Line, Hospet, Karnataka

    Swamy Mobiles
    CTS No-39/A, Shop No-01, 1st Floor, Burly Layout, Near Bus Stand, Bagalkot, Karnataka

    Switch En Automation
    Shree Laxmi Balkrishna Square, Station Road, Hubli, Karnataka

    V-Store Enterprises
    Shop No-1, Jullusab Quadri Building, Ameenpur, Koppal, Karnataka

    VRMS Info Services
    Basaveshwara Nagar Station Road, Behind Takur Pedha, Gadag, Karnataka

    Varunika Communication
    Door No-293/4, 1st Floor, Ananda Shopping Complex, Davangere, Karnataka

    Veeresh Enterprises
    777/E, Ward No-5, Madalaghatta Road, Opp-Telephone Exchange, Huvinahadagali, Karnataka

    Vishu Mobiles
    Ward No-23, BB Road, Municipal Katha No-975, Ass No- 827/828, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

    Viva Service Centre
    D.No-11-1-5A (6), Shambhavi Fortune, Near K.S.R.T.C Bus Stand, Udupi, Karnataka


    Aarjay Associates
    Kochaneth Building, 35/1454, Janatha JN, 35, Palarivattom

    Zaheera Complex, Door No.7MC, 45/651Z1 (Old No-47/313) 2nd Floor, Opp-Fire Station, Old Bus Stand,

    Thalassery, Kerala
    DM Communication, 12/1058 (10), Mettupalayam Street, 12, Palakkad

    Dreams Mobiles
    TC 20/2105,3, Karamana,Trivandrum, Kerala

    Electro World
    No-360 A-1, Challiyil Road, Behind Brindavan Gift House, Challiyil Road, Kottayam

    Fab Solutions
    T.P Complex, CW-35/3559/E,F,Bank Road, Kannur,Kerala

    G Mobiles And Electronics
    SNDP Union Building, 286, 287, Pathanamthitta Municipality, XXX,Pathanamthitta, Kerala

    I Care Solution
    Building No-KGP 23/1183, Kumbla Garama Panchayath, Heepr Complex, Kumbla, Kerala

    Joel Mobile Distributers
    Cheruthony, Idukki, Kerala

    M K Agencies
    P.P. IV-853C, Kaithakkal, IV, Panamaram, Kerala

    Door No-28/2917, K M J Building, Nellikode, Calicut

    Smart Care Service Centre
    23/377-24, Near ICICI Bank,23, Cherpulassery Road, Ottapalam, Kerala

    Smart Tech Solution
    Parvathi Tower, Kadappakkada, Kollam East Village, Kollam Corporation, Kollam, Kerala

    Smart X
    Noor Plaza, Behind Noor Masjid, W1, 1152 H3, Kottacherry,1, Kanhangad, Kerala

    Sonic Systems
    Pulimoottil Trade Centre, 590, Ammankovil Street, Mullackal, Ambalappuzha, Alappuzha

    Switch On
    Janaki Bhavan, 8/346A, Near Velloorkunnam Signal, 8, Muvattupuzha

    Touchess Communication
    Mulavarickal Building, VIII/248, Opp-Private Bus Stand, Bus Stand, VIII, Market Road, Aluva, Kerala

    X Cell Mobile Care
    25/1031/2, Sree Sylam Tower, M.G. Road, Naduvilal, Thrissur

    X Cell Solutions
    TMY Complex, 377M, Central Junction, 7, Tirur, Kerala

    Madhya Pradesh

    Ahuja Mobile
    Bhaskar Lane, Jayandra Ganj, Gwalior

    Aksh Agency
    Rajoriya Complex, Sandiya Road, Pipariya, MP

    Anika Enterprises
    Datt Enclave, Ground Floor, Corner Flat, Beside of Miss watking, Napier Town, Jabalpur

    Arti Mobile Biaora
    Maa Laxmi Complex, A.B. Road, Biaora

    Avni Enterprises
    Juna Sath Gali, Manasa, MP

    Babu Mobile
    Shivaji Path Barnagar, MP

    Balaji Communication
    Infront Of Gate No-1, Old Gaadi Adda, Dabra, MP

    Bhagwati Mobile Repairing Centre
    Govind Chowk, Panna

    Bombay Mobile Plaza
    Behind Manak Plaza, Sheopur, MP

    C.P. Traders
    Shri Ram Market, Shujalpur, MP

    Chiplevel Engineering
    Near Hanuman Mandir, Kishore Sagar Road, Chhatarpur

    Deepak Communication
    D K Complex, Bina, Madhya Pradesh

    Dhaneshwari Communication
    Kherapati Marg, Janki Nagar, Dhar, MP

    Gayatri Incorporation
    103, 104, 105, MZ Floor, Yashwant Plaza, Infront of Railway Station, Indore

    Guru Infotech
    Gour Murti, Teen Batti, Sagar, MP

    Gurukripa Communication
    Bus Stand, Jhabua, MP

    Gurukripa Computer And Mobiles
    44, T.I. T. Road, Ratlam

    Harsh Electronics
    16, Pushkar Complex, Dubey Colony, Guna

    Hello Mobile Zeerapur
    Machalpur Road, Zeerapur

    Jai Maa Infocom
    Shop No-3, Gayathri Mandir, Jawahar Marg, Nagda, Dist-Ujjain, MP

    Jain Infotech
    Infront of Mohri Computer, Near Life Line, Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh

    Jain Telecommunication
    Shop No-9 & 10, Red Cross Shopping Complex, Gandhi Road, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh

    Khushi Sales
    Gurunanak Ward, Barhi Road, Katni

    Kumrawat Electronics
    Thakur Complex, Tulsidas Marg, Barwani, MP

    Kushwah Mobile
    Near Gurudwara, Veer Savarkar Colony, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh

    Lakshya Mobile Service Center
    Near Bus Stand Chowk, Shahdol

    Lappy Computer Service
    123, Main Road, Taali, Waidhan,Dist-Singrauli, MP

    MLA and Sons
    Gandhi Chouraha, Mandsaur

    Maa Kailadevi Mobile
    Chhoti Bazaria, Morena, Madhya Pradesh

    Mahadev Communication
    181, M.G. Road, Dewas

    Malay Synergy
    Shop No L-3, Opp Main Hospital, Kahan Chamber, Khandwa

    Malwani Bros
    09, Redcros Society, Super Market, Mandla, MP

    Maya Communication
    Ward No-17, Main Road, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh

    Mobile Solutions
    Near Khari Phatak, Railway Gate, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh

    Nagaji Mobile Service Centre
    Porsa Road, Ambah, Dist-Morena, MP

    Naksh Mobile Care
    Shop No-6, Infront of Charlie Tailor, Gujrati Samaj Market, Burhanpur, MP

    New Communication
    Ward No-10, Sanchi Road, Palash Market, Infront of Nagar Palika, Raisen, MP

    New Mobile Care
    2, 22 Ghatkappar Marg, Freeganj, Ujjain

    Nirog Enterprises
    Anand Ganj Mandi, Kukshi, MP

    Paras Mobile Zone
    N.N. Plaza, Ward No-5, Bhoota Bazar, Bhind, MP

    Parmar Mobiles
    Opp- State Bank Of India, Kile Ka Maidan, Tikamgarh

    Patidar Mobiles
    Nai Abadi, Kambal Kendra Road, Mandsaur, MP

    Perfect Mobile Shop
    Shop No M-30, 1st Floor, Mansarovar Complex, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

    Prakash Traders
    Main Road, Hanumana, MP

    Pranav Traders
    Shop No-1, Stadium Road, Prem Nagar, Sidhi, MP

    Raj Agency
    Khoti Bazar, Betul, Madhya Pradesh

    Raywant Communication
    Sunanda Complex, Near Canara Bank, Near Bus Stand, Sehore, MP

    Sadhna Mobile Repairing
    Old MPEB Colony, Shivaji Ward, kandeli, Narsinghpur

    Samanvay Electronics
    146, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Shajapur

    Sanjay Mobile Repairing
    Mastan Saha Complex, Choti Dargaha, 1st Floor, Rewa

    Shiv Kripa Mobile Care
    48, Laxmi Bai Marg, Jaora, Madhya Pradesh

    Shree Gayatri Mobile
    Naya Bazaar, Basoda, Madhya Pradesh

    Shri Krishna Mobile
    Old Mandi Road, Agar, Madhya Pradesh

    Singh Communication
    Shop No-2, Near Milon Restroent 180 Zone I M.P. Nagar, Bhopal

    Solanki Telecom
    H.No-7, 2nd Floor, Infront of Bank Of India, Harda, MP

    Sunil Shopping Plaza
    Ashok Ward, Main Market, Durga Chowk, Seoni, MP

    Suraj Enterprises
    17, Kashibagh Complex, Court Road, Trimurti, Dhar

    Suryansh Enterprises
    4, Rathore Market, Bhawani Road, Sanawad, Dist-Khargone, Madhya Pradesh

    Tejal Mobiles
    2, Mittal Plaza, Gandhi Nagar, Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh

    Thakur Enterprises
    Shop No-5, B Block, Vinayak Complex, New Bus Stand, Dhamnod, MP

    The Service Center
    Shop No-5, Tulsi Complex, Kheermai Road, Satna

    Chetanyadham Complex, Singhana Road, Manawar, MP

    Yogi Mobile
    Shop No-1, Kachora Shopping Center, Civil Ward No-1, Damoh, Madhya Pradesh

    Zenith Emporium
    5, Daiversion Road, Infront of Birala Uttam Siment Jainith, Khargone


    Nilawar Mobile Shopee
    Shop No-101, Jaihind Chouk, Yavatmal

    3G Vega Enterprises
    Sai Arcade, Office No B-116, Plot No-148,Life Line Hospital, Orion Mall, Panvel, Mumbai, Maharashtra

    A To Z Mobile Shopee
    Plot No-611, Tilkangar, Sillod, Maharashtra

    Aashtvinayak Mobile Service
    Shop No-8 & 9, Near Anand Halwai, Om Kripa CHS, Shivaji Path, Kalyan

    Aditya Solutions
    R.S. No-966, Shantigiri Enclave, Flat No-S-3, E Ward, Shahupuri, 6th Lane, Kolhapur

    Ananya Infotech
    220-229, Ajanta Square Mall, L.T. Road, Borivali West Mumbai

    Ashtavinayak Multi Services
    Housing Society, Ambajogai, Maharashtra

    Balaji Mobile Shoppe
    Wattamwar Complex, Main Road, LOHA, Maharashtra


    William Mobile Clinic
    B-57, Zarkawt, Main Street, Near ICICI Bank, Opp-Adidas Showroom, Aizawl, Mizoram


    PWD Housing Colony, PWD Road,Dimapur, Nagaland


    AB Associates
    Room No-1, Bypass Road, Near Bypass Square, Bhadrak, Odisha

    Abinash Telecom
    Plot No-27, District Center, Bhubaneswar, PO-Chandrashekharpur, Khurda, Odisha

    Aditya Telecom
    Lokonath Road, Hatisala, PU-C, Puri, P.O. Rajamata Nagar, Dist-Puri, Odisha

    Amit Kumar Sahu
    Ward No-16, baghra Road, MA-C, Near KNG High School, Baripada, Odisha

    Cellcom Mobile Service
    Club Road, Radharani Para, Balangir, Odisha

    Hi Tech Mobiles
    Mouza Chorda, Chorda By Pass Road, Jajpur, Odisha

    Jay Jagannath Ent.
    Room No-W/18, Emanuel Shop Complex, Balasore, Odisha

    Laxmi Ganesh Mobile Care
    Parabeda, Near Dolphin Hotel, Jeypore, Odisha

    Maa Kalua Cell House
    New Market Complex, Paralakhemundi, Dist-Gajapati, Odisha

    Meher Enterprises
    Raza Complex, Mangal Bazar Road, Jharsuguda, Orissa

    Mobile Solutions
    Bus Stand, Sonepur, Odisha

    Mobile Zone
    Plot No-1343, RCMS Market Complex, Khandapada Road, Nayagarh, Odisha

    Mobile Zone
    Room No-1, Milan Market Complex, Angul, Odisha

    OA Infotech
    Plot No-99, Badambadi, Cuttack, Odisha

    Priyadarshini Distributor
    Ganesh Market, Soro, Orissa

    R.R. Mobile
    Jyoti Market, 1st Floor, Budharaja, Dist- Sambalpur, Odisha

    Satish Solutions
    Gandhi Nagar, Main Road, Upstair of Aswin Garage, Near Param Jyoti Cinema Hall,Berhampur, Orissa

    Sidheswari Mobile Point
    Mouza Sunguda, Khata No-752, Plot-1364, Chandikhole, Odisha

    Smart Care
    Khan Market Complex, Room No-6, Khata No-119, P N-467, Gandhi Chowk, Keonjhargarh, Odisha

    Smile Services
    S/13, 1st Floor, Madhusudhan Marg, New Station Road, Opp-Amar Bhawan Rourkela Town, Rourkela, Odisha

    Sreevani Traders
    New Colony, Hotel Kapilas Lane, Rayagada, Odisha

    Tamil Nadu

    VB Communication
    M.P. Complex, No-297, 1st Floor, Thiruvalluvar Salai, Puducherry, Tamilnadu


    A to Z Mobile Care
    S-8, Sagar Hotel, Mata Rano Chowk, Ludhiana

    Act Services
    381, Guru Nanak, PKT- Near Ravi Karyana Store, Pathankot

    Amm Gee Electronics
    Opp-Janta Palace,Amritsar Road,Tarn Taran

    Anand Communications
    Shop No-24, Main Market, Nangal, Punjab

    Apra Traders
    Opp- Mata Rani Mandir, Apra

    Arun Mobile Care
    Kotkapura Road, Moga

    B.N. Telecom
    Shop No-112, Sohi Complex, Dakhni Gate, Nakodar, Punjab

    Bunty Mobile World
    Shop No-17A, Lower Ground Floor, Handa City Centre, Opp- Bus Stand, G.T. Road, Phagwara,Punjab

    Excellent Mobile Care
    Ram Lila Ground, Derabassi

    Fateh Enterprises
    Shop No-5,Vasu Complex,Mohalla Jattpura,Kapurthala

    Friends mobile point
    Phagwara Road, Near Easy Day, Opp to Bata Showroom, Hoshiarpur

    Gian Chand Vijay Kumar Gupta
    Mathura Dass Market, Shop No-3, Sirhind

    Gurparteek Communication
    Aggarsain Market, Gali No-3, Near SBOP, Sunam, Punjab

    Handa Telecom
    Hoshiarpur Road, Super Market, Dasuya, Dist-Hoshiyarpur, Punjab

    Happy Mobile Parts
    Opposite Texla TV Center, Old Cinema Road, Mansa

    Jain Telecom
    Near City Police Station Barnala

    Kamboj Communication
    Main Bazar, Near Street No-4, Malout, Punjab

    Kashyap Mobile Care
    Bus Stand to Dana Mandi Road, Malerkotla, Punjab

    Khushi Telecom
    Alohran Gate, Near Raja Medical Hall, Nabha, Punjab

    MS Communication
    GT Road, Mandi, Gurdaspur

    Maha Lakshmi Enterprises
    Baba Farid Market, Shop No-85, Faridkot, Punjab

    Mittal Computer & Mobile Care
    Near Bus Stand, Rampura Phul

    Mittal Telecom
    Mori Gate, Ferozepur

    National Computers
    Opp- Bus Stand, Near Red Light, D.C. Office Road, Khalsa Girls School, Shopping Complex No-4, Sangrur

    Preet Electronics
    Opp- Oriental Bank of Commerce, Patiala Road, Patran, Punjab

    R.G. Communication
    Satta Bazar, Kotkapura, Punjab

    Radha Communication
    SCF-34, 1st Floor, Cabin No-3, Phase-2, Sas Nagar, Mohali

    Ravi Telecom
    E.K. 188, Phagwara Gate, Near Raju Old Bhathure Wala, Jalandhar

    Ravindera Mobile
    Gurudwara Ramgarhia Building, Book Market, Khanna

    Rocky Mobile Service
    Old Bus Stand, Lotte Market, Ahmedgarh, Punjab

    Royal Telecom
    Near Adda Raikot,Raikot Road,Jargaon

    Ghuman Market, Qadian Chungi, Batala Dist-Gurdaspur

    SM Communication
    31FF, Nehru Shopping Complex, Lawrence Road, Amritsar

    Satguru Communications
    Shop No-2, Near New Bus Stand, Bharat Colony, Rajpura, Dist-Patiala, Punjab

    Smart Service
    House No-19480, Street No-3, Ajit Road, Bhatinda, Punjab

    Sonu Mobile Care
    Gandhi Market, Near Lahori Gate, Patiala, Punjab

    Sukhija Communication
    Ghas Mandi,Sri Muktsar Sahib,Muktsar


    Adinath Mobile & Electronics
    1st Floor, Manglam Complex, Near Amba Mata Mandir, College Road, Banswara

    Ajanta Communication
    Shop No. B-2, Basement, Bapna Complex, Pur Road, Bhilwara

    Ameria Enterprises
    Near Vijayvergiya Lawn, Agrasen Nagar, Dausa, Rajasthan

    Amit Mobile
    Shop No-8, Pandit Market, Beawar

    Arihant Mobiles & Accessories
    Old Tehsil Ki Gali, Jhalraptan, Rajasthan

    Bhagwati Mobile
    Panchayat Samiti Gate, Bapawar Sangod Road, Sangod, Rajasthan

    Dev Communication
    Ganga Colony,Bansur Road,Kotputli

    Dwarka Mobile
    Shop No-33, Zora Magra Complex, Goyali Chouraha, Sirohi

    Extreme Services
    Hotel Moti Mahal, 1st Floor, Fort Road, Gandhi Chowk, Nagaur

    Frontier Cellular
    Near Frontier Tent House, Damp Road, Hindaun

    Ganpati Mobile & Electronics
    Shop No-24, Palika Bazar, Barmer, Rajasthan

    Govindam Enterprises
    Khadi Gram Udyog Ke Saamne, Jaipur Road, Bassi, Rajasthan

    Guru Vallabh Care Center
    Infront of Purusharthi Dharamshala, Near Ashok Cinema, Alwar

    F-1, C/2, 1st Floor, Bothra Complex, Bikaner, Rajasthan

    Jai Balaji Telecom
    B-13, Farm Complex, Suratgarh

    Jai Communication
    Near UCO Bank, Krishna Colony, Shahpura

    Jai Mobile Service
    Old Bus Stand, Jalore, Rajasthan

    Jangid Mobiles & Electronics
    Shop No-11,12, 1st Floor, Shri Radhasarveshwar Mandir, Ajmer Road, Madanganj, Kishangarh

    K.G.N. Mobiles & Computers
    Shiv Katla, Main Market, Lurkaransar, Rajasthan

    Kapila Digital Zone
    28, Jawahar Nagar, Behind Roadways Bus Stand, Chittorgarh

    Khilji Enterprises
    Sadar Bazar, Nokha, Rajasthan

    Khushi Enterprises
    2nd Floor, Infront of Jila Aabkari Vibhag,Tonk

    Komal Traders
    House No-65, C Block, Sriganganagar

    Kushal Services
    Airport Circle,Behind Shani Mandir,Sanganer Road,Jaipur

    Laxmi Associates
    Infront of Jagan Petrol Pump, Jagheena Gate, Circular Road, Bharatpur, Rajasthan

    M.K. Mobile Point
    Naveen Mandi, Malpura, Rajasthan

    MS Communication
    284, Gopi Plaza, Shopping Centre,Kota

    Marwar Mobile Technology
    Aagadiyaan Gali, Kumharo Ka chowk, Balotra, Rajasthan

    Maxx Mobile.Com
    4, Bherughat, Pali, Rajasthan

    Micromax Shopee
    Dhan Laxmi Complex, Station Road, Sujangarh, Rajasthan

    Microsystem Computer
    48, Indra Colony, Opp-Gautam Aashram, Bajaria, Sawai Madhopur

    Naresh Mobile Point
    Shop No-G-16, Laxminath Aasara Modern Happy SR. Sec. School, Behind Tehsil Bhawan, Chomu, Rajasthan

    New Raj Associates
    5-A, Behind TVS Showroom, Ramnagar, Tonk Road, Jaipur

    Parul Enterprises
    Shop No-7, Masjid Complex, Bhawanimandi

    Pooja Mobile Point
    Infront of SBBJ ATM Street, Kachahari Road, Gangapur

    Quick Solution
    Near Gagan Cinema, Phulera, Rajasthan

    Quickserv Technology
    1st Floor, Office No-131, Anand Plaza B. Near Ayad Bridge, Udaipur

    R. B Solutions
    Ward No-22, New Bus Stand, Behror

    R.K. Infosys
    Adinath Complex, Shastri Marg, Dungarpur

    Raj Communication
    Ganpati Plaza, Shop No-55-56, Sardarshahar

    Raj Mobile Work Shop
    Near NBC Bearing, Shiv Road, Jaisalmer

    Rajendra Trading Company
    Cinema Road, Nohar

    Rudraksh Infosys
    1st Floor,Surbhi Complex,Kankroli,Rajsamand

    S. R. Enterprises
    Shop No 10 Parwaz plaza, MG Road Pratapgarh, Rajasthan

    F-6, Amar Plaza Complex, Daulat Bagh Road, Ajmer

    Sai Telecom
    G-43, Ground Floor, Ganpati Plaza, MI Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Samiksha Mobile
    Near SBBJ Bank, Khari Road, Bhinmal, Rajasthan

    Satguru Mobile Repairing
    Main Bazaar, Bikaner Road, Anupgarh

    Shiv Shakti Communication
    Old Truck Union, Karauli, Rajasthan

    Shiv Telecom And General Store
    Shah Ji Ka Bagicha, Kuchaman

    Shri Ram Balaji Mobile Point
    Infront of Gurudwara, Kota Road, Baran

    Shri Shyam Enterprices
    Surbhi Complex, Sikar

    Shri Shyam Telecom
    Near Mahaveer Bhojnalaya, Bus Stand, Kekri

    Star Computers
    Dingari Road, Veerpura, Jaisamand, Rajasthan

    Supreme Care
    Sethia Bhawan, Jalori Market, Jodhpur

    The Star Solutions
    Shop No-105, Karwasara Complex, Hanumangarh Junction, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

    Tirupati Telecom
    2nd Floor, Above R G B, Station Road, Dholpur

    V&K Company
    Gaushala Bazar, Srimadhopur, Dist-Sikar, Rajasthan

    Vishnu Electronics & Mobile
    Road No-3, Gudha Mode, Jhunjhunu

    Vishnu Mobile
    Latiyal Market, Malar Road, Phalodi, Dist-Jodhpur, Rajasthan

    Tamil Nadu

    18 Steps Network
    No-11, 1st Floor, V O C Street, Chengalpattu

    Door No-5A/14, Sundra Vinayagar Koil Street, Kallakuruchi, Dist-Villupuram, Tamilnadu

    AG Communication
    173, F/2, J.P. Complex, Nethaji Road, Thiruvarur, Tamilnadu

    Abu Communication
    9L/5C, 9L/5D & 9L/6, 1st Floor, Madurai Road, Thilak Nagar, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu

    Allied Electronics
    44/266C, Advaida Ashram Road, Salem

    Best Mobiles
    9A, Main Road, Pudupalayam, Cuddalore, Tamilnadu

    Cell Kings
    TS. 4218, South 4th Street, Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu

    Cell Tech
    8, Cision Complex, 1st Floor, Montieth Road,Egmore, Chennai

    Champion Mobiles
    Plot No-20, Parvathipuram, 3, ST, Musiri, Dist-Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu

    Chennai Cell Care
    41, Old Bus Stand Road, Mela Avani, Moola Veethi, Tenkasi, Tamilnadu

    Dari Communication
    Door No-33, P.W.D. Road, Opp-Guru Scan, Chidambara Nager, Nagercoil, Dist-Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu

    Diya Solutions
    9, G.S.T, Road, Tambaram Sanatorium, Chennai

    Fortune Tech
    14/3, Hasan Tower, 1st Floor, Venugopal Pillai Street, Chidambaram, Tamilnadu

    Gayathri Communications
    2F-16, 63/1, Chitra Complex, Chinthamani, Trichy

    Global Communications
    1/98, Railway Station Road, Venkata Ramulu Naidu Street, Varadharajapuram,Ambattur, Chennai

    I Mobile
    No-25/2, Arunachalam Chettiyar Street, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu

    JP Communication
    10,11,12 MIM Trade Center, 60 Feet Road, Near Bus Stand, Kumbakonam

    Krishna Communication
    Door No-32-B, K Theatre Complex, K Theatre Road, Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu

    MJ Mobiles And Electronics
    102/5, Katcheri Street, Velur Main Road, Opp-TCMS Petrol Bunk, Tiruchengode, Tamilnadu

    Madura Check Point
    No-458-463, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, Hundred Feet Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

    Maruthi Mobiles
    56C/23, Sakthi Towers, Near Bus Stand, Opp- Gobi Erode Bus Stop, Sathyamangalam, Tamilnadu

    1st Floor, Door No-21, Thirumalairayar Padithurai Road, Simmakkal, Madurai

    NRS & SVM Mobile World
    28 C/14, R R Complex, Town Extension, Mayiladuthurai, Dist-Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu

    Nanba Communication
    No-35, F. V.O.C Nagar, 1st Street, Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu

    Natural Mobiles

    Ocean Mobile Care
    78/91, Annai Indira Nagar, Railway Station Service Road, Velacherry, Chennai, Tamilnadu

    Omega Communications
    6/10, Shop 3, C.V. Naidu Salai, Thiruvallur, Tamilnadu

    Orbit Tele System
    109, K S Complex, Dharapuram Road, Tirupur, Tamilnadu

    Praveen Trading
    NO, 2/262,Railway Feeder Road,Nethaji Street,Paramakudi, Tamilnadu

    Sajeev Electronics
    21, Bhagavathi Amman Kovil Street, Theni, Tamilnadu

    Sana Association
    Shop No-71, Mohamed Sathak Complex, 12A, G.H. Road, Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu

    Shri Amman Enterprises
    Door No-6, Plot No-21/7, Ram Complex, 1st Floor, Pudupalayam, Cuddalore, Tamilnadu

    Siva Micro System
    2/10, Vellore City Centre, Anna Salai, Officers Line, Vellore

    Sivas Cell Hub
    25, K.K. Road, Villupuram, Tamilnadu

    Slash Solutions
    31C/2, West Car Street, Tuticorin, Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

    Smart Mobile Care
    No-25/A,25B, K.M. Complex, Gowripuram, Karur, Tamilnadu

    Smile Care
    New No-77, Old No-2, L.B. Road, Adyar Chennai

    Sri Venkateshwara Cell Phone Sales & Service
    29, Vannara Street, Uthiramepur, Tamilnadu

    Sri Vishnu Agencies
    Rajagopal Gounder Street, Suresh Electrical Complex, Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu

    Style Mobile India
    No-2/18, Madhavaram High Road, Perambur, Tamilnadu

    Sunder Mobiles & Electronics
    Shop No-41A, RS Road, Kattukollai Street, Gummidipoondi, Tamilnadu

    Sunrise Cell Care
    337, Arun Complex, Brough Road, Near Savitha & MPS Dental Hospital,Erode

    Sunrise Electronics
    No-2851/34, 1st Floor, Emerald Complex, Trichy Main Road, Thanjavur

    Veer Mobiles
    48/5, Police Station Road, Sivakasi, Tamilnadu

    Viishaant Solutions
    510/774, Selva Vinayaga Complex, Thiruvottiyur High Road, Thiruvottiyur,Chennai

    X Plus Communication
    174, SKC Towers, East Car Street, GF-5, Dindigul, Tamilnadu

    Zigma Mobiles And Novelties
    5/7, M.G. Road, Hosur, Tamilnadu


    Ayyappa Services
    1, 6, 69, Opp- Venkateshwara Super Market, Near Sudha Bank, Suryapet, Nalgonda, Telangana

    Babitha Mobiles
    4 2 198/6/1, Cinema Road, Adilabad, Telangana

    Devi Communications
    2,3,51, Shop No-3, Opp- Rural Police Station, Nirmal, Adilabad, Telangana

    E Services
    Shop No-20, Ground Floor, Green Square Plaza, Opp-Public Garden, Hanumakonda, Warangal

    E Services
    Shop No-14A, 1st Floor, Hardy Complex, Opp- Chermas Showroom, MG Road, Secunderabad

    Global Mobiles
    19,2,102/10, Tadban, Hyderabad, Telangana

    Harihara Electronics
    Shop No-8, Vnija Vihar, Ground Floor, Nalanda Building, Dilsukhnagar

    KTR Communications
    4,5,58, Nehuru Center, Kotha Bazar, Mahabubabad, Telangana

    KVR Mobiles
    Door No-2/2/73, 1st Floor, Opp-Sunkulamma, Near New Bus Stand, Gadwal, Mahbubnagar

    Maruthi Mobiles
    1 6 143/1, Dwarakanagar, Near Motor Cycle Repair Shop, Jagitial Town And Mandal, Karimnagar, Telangana

    Maruthi Technologies
    H.No. 4-6-99&100, Shop No-110& 111, 1st Floor, Sree Complex, Opp-Dena Bank, Shastri Road, Karimnagar

    Rabsa Utility Solutions India Private Limited
    5-9-88/1, Fateh Maintan Road, Hyderabad

    Rajesh Technologies
    H. No. 19, 6, 67, Laxminagar, Godavarikhani, Telangana

    Rishi Communication
    6, 234, Shop No-21 West, Second Floor, G R Road,Mancherial, Adilabad

    S.S. Service Point
    Shop No-4, Venkateshwara Complex, Panagal Road, Nalgonda, Telangana

    SD Technologies
    No-3, Chandrapal Complex, Beside Indian Bank, Medak Town, Medak Mandal, Telangana

    SM Technologies
    Shop No-13, Macca Complex, Opp- Citizen Club, Siddipet, Telangana

    SV Communication
    Shop No-101, 1st Floor, Vikram Towers, Balaji Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

    Sadguru Sai Communication
    42, 205/6, Prajavidyashala Road, Wanaparthy, Mandal Wanaparthy, Mahbubnagar, Telangana

    Sana Communications
    9/4/1/7, Opp-Prakasam Stadium, Post office Area, Kothagudem

    Siri Agencies
    R/O- 9-2-31, Shop No 2S-25, 2nd Floor, Nirmala Mall, JPN Road, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh

    Sony Service Zone
    8 3 207/208, Opp- Dr Nagabhushanam Hospital, Wyra Road, Khammam

    Sri Vinayaka Services
    2,8, 89, Opp-Rainbow Bar, Weekly Market, Nizamabad, Telangana

    Varun Mobiles
    2 3 13/A, 1st Floor, Raichur Road, Mahbubnagar, Telangana


    Care World
    New Town Road, Udaipur, Gomati, Tripura

    Surajit S Mobile Care
    Melarmath, H.G.B. Road, Agartala, West Tripura

    Uttar Pradesh
    Super Market, Nai Sadak, Shahzadpur, Akbarpur, UP_East

    A P Communication
    Janki Complex, Sahadatpura, MAU, UPEast

    A TO Z Telecom
    Sulehraha Sadar Bazar, Bilgram, UP

    A.B. Enterprises
    Shop No B-6, Rajendra Tower, Basement, Dampier Nagar, Mathura, UP

    ABC Services
    560/15, Kha Krishna Nagar Market, Kanpur Road, Lucknow

    AIET Computer & Mobile Center
    Nai Basti, Lakhimpur Khiri

    AKS Care
    Bhatkhera ward, Subeha road, Haidergarh, Dist-Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

    APS Enterprises
    Kala Aam Road, Near Private Meerut Bus Stand, Bulandshahr

    Near Shiv Murti Bhagwan, Mahavir Marg,Baraut, UP

    Abdullah Mobiles
    Ajaypal Road, Warshi Chauraha, Kannauj, UP

    Abhi Infotech
    Bilsi Road, Infront of Hero Honda Agency, Bisauli, UP

    Afjal Mobile
    Near Police Station, Mehdawal, Dist-Sant Kabir Nagar, UP

    Aggarwal Enterprises
    146, Chander Puri, Near Sihani Gate, Police Chowki, Ghaziabad

    Agrawal Trading Company
    Opp. Bharat Petrol Pump, Palwal Road Khair, Aligarh, UP

    Ahed Enterprises
    6,Sardar Patel,Marge Civil Line,Allahabad

    Ananya Agencies
    Ashok Nagar, Near M.B. Inter College, Nainital Road, Bareilly

    Anchal Mobile Repairing Center
    Main Chowk, Khalilabad Road, Dhanghata, Sant Kabir Nagar

    Ansari Communication
    G.T. Road, opposite Bansal Cinema, Sikandrabad

    Ansari Telecom
    Mohalla Gaya Prasad Nagar, Tehsil- Bilhaur, UP

    Arogya Service Point
    Infront of Tahsil, Jalaun, UP

    Aryan Communication
    Near Bugrasi Chauraha,Siyana

    Aryan Enterprises
    Shop No G-16, Railway Road, Hapur

    Aysha Electronics
    1st Floor, Rasheed Enclave Complex, Moughal Darbar, Barabanki

    Azad Mobiles
    Mishrikh Road, Narottam Nagar, Sidhauli, UP-East

    Balaji Enterprises
    Nai Bazar, Basti

    Care Point
    ITI Road, Infront of Anil Singh MLA Kothi, Fatehpur

    Chaudhary Enterprises
    Ghumna Bazar,Farrukhabad

    Chotu Traders
    New Ward No-23, Tehsil Road, Maudaha, UP-East

    DS Telecom
    Dhata Road, Sirathu, Kaushambi

    Deep Enterprises
    Krishna Nagar – Vard No – 10 , Lalganj, Raibareilly, Uttar Pradesh

    Deep Traders
    Mandi Kotla, Near Ladies Hospital, Chandpur

    Deepak Mobile & Repairing Center
    Aamir Plaza, Near Petrol Pump, Bansi, UP

    Dev Agencies
    Thana Tehsil,Biswan, UP

    Dolphin Mobile Gallery
    Shop No-88, Zila Panchayat Market, Mahaveer Chowk, Muzaffarnagar

    G.M. Group
    Shop No-10, Shree Ram Complex, Part 2, Khurja

    GN Enterprises
    F1-F2,1st Floor,Vikas Manjil,Sagar Sarai,G.M.D Road,Moradabad

    Galaxy Point
    Tejendra Tower, 2nd Floor, Railway Road, Near Goyal Nursing Home, Etah,UP

    Gauranga Enterprises
    Near Old Hospital, Saiyan Road, Kharagarh, Agra, UP

    Gauri Infocare
    Shop No-6, 7 Vikram Arcade, Railway Road, Aligarh

    HI Max
    Jagdish Market, Lalitpur, UP

    J S Enterprises
    Anpara Main Bazar, Anpara

    Jain Enterprises
    Mohalla Bareli sarai, Surajkund Mandir Road, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh

    Jaiswal Enterprises
    Civil Line, Anadnagar, Maharajganj

    Jaiswal Services
    Moh- Akbarpura, Near Aara Machine, Behraich

    Jaiswal Services
    Near Jaiswal Market, Mahmudabad, UP

    Jaiswal Services
    Sahab Ganj Station Road, Gonda

    Kartik Mobile Centre
    Bilaspur Bus Stand, Shahjahanpur

    Karuna Enterprises
    Near S.J. School, Beside Bachpan School, Raebareli

    Khera Mobile Service
    Govind Nagar, Punjabi Colony, Bijnor

    Krishna Triya
    Shop No-166, Pasonda, Sahibabad, Dist-Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

    Laxmi Mobile Sales And Service
    Chowk Road, Balrampur

    Lovely Enterprises
    Shop No-9, Main Road, Near Bus Stand, Faridpur, UP

    M. I. Enterprises
    Shop No-1, Children Park, Nagar Palika, Near Telephone Exchange, Khatauli, UP

    M.M Enterprises
    Shop No-116,117, Plaza Kalpana, 24/147, Patkapur, Kanpur

    M.R. Services
    213, Vijay Laxmi Nagar, Sitapur

    M.S Mobile Communication
    Shop No-40, Vimal Kumar Jain Shopping Complex, Suhag Nagar, Xing Agra Road, Firozabad

    House No C-19/187-7 M-5, Gulab Bagh, Sigra, Varansi

    MGS Telecom

    Maa Gayatri Communication
    FF-90, Adarsh Complex, Engineering College Chouraha, Lucknow

    Mahi Enterprises
    Pratap Nagar, Jalalabad, UP

    Majid Telecom
    G K Complex, Najibabad

    Manya Tele Services
    Yasin Khan Ki Gali, Wellesly Ganj,Sadar, Mirzapur

    Meghna Communication
    Sohas Road, Buddh Nagar, Siddharth Nagar

    Metro Mobile
    Sarai Kundan, Raiway Road, Dibai, UP

    Mobile Care
    Jai Shakti Complex, Raghav Nagar, Infront of Post Office, Deoria

    Nafees Mobiles & Electric Store
    Hasanpur Road, Alipur Chopula, Gajraula

    Nand Mobile Solution
    Bhangwa Chungi, Allahabad Faizabad Road, Pratapgarh

    National Mobiles
    Mela Road, Near Hutch Tower, Puranpur, UP

    Naveen Mobile Solution
    Sohnag Road, Salempur

    Neha Technologies
    10-A, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Lucknow

    New Indian Telecom
    Civil Line, Maharajganj

    Nisha Communication
    Kaushalya Sadan, Babu Lal Chauraha, Banda

    Nisha Communication
    Near Ganpati Marriage Hall, Oran Road, Baberu, Dist-Banda, UP

    Nishant Infotech
    N.D. Pandey Gali, Near Samya Mata Mandir, Khalilabad

    OM Telecom
    Near Hdfc Bank,Dharamshala Road Padrauna Kushinagar,Padrauna

    OSC Noida (COCO)
    Shop No. 11/33, Ground Floor, Centre Stage Mall,Noida, UP

    Om Mobile Care
    Moh- Bhood Bai Cinema Road, Near Gauri Banquet Hall, Gola, Uttar Pradesh

    Om Mobile Repair
    Nau Kuwan Road, Shamli

    PM Communication
    Near Degree College, Nandgaon Road, Kosi Kalan

    Pooja Auto Store
    Mihinpurwa Tehsil Nanpara Dist – Bahraich, UP

    Pragya Enterprises & Amar Mobile Shop
    Nai Bazar, Bhinga, Shrawasti, UP

    Public Point Center
    Kutchery Road, Lanka, Ghazipur

    R K Communications
    Old Taxi Stand, Jalalpur, UPEast

    R K Telecom
    Main Market, Jama Masjid, Shahabad, Dist-Hardoi, UP

    R.S Enterprises
    8/5/3A, Khiri Ali Beg, Near Sona Biscuit Factory, Zanana Hospital Road, Faizabad

    Radhika Telecom
    Radha Krishna Trade Center, Opp Hotel San Plaza, Cinema Road, Golghar, Gorakhpur

    Radiance Technology
    Chauri Road, Opp-Pramod Vastralaya, Bhadohi

    Rahmat Communication
    Bhira, Tehsil Palia Kalan, District-Kheri, UP

    Rahul Mobile Repairing Point
    Chandausi Road, Babrala, UP

    Rapid Solution
    Savera Complex first floor, Near Savera hotel Roberts Ganj

    S D Enterprises
    Bara Bazaar, Amroha

    S R Mobile Care
    354, Taki Nagar, Unnao

    S S Telecom
    Center Point Market, Nainital Road, Baheri, Dist- Bareilly, UP

    SS Computers
    Hari Darshan Nagar,Mainpuri

    Saini Mobile Solution Point
    Mohalla Tappl Road, Banisriel, Near Kiran Hospital, Jewar, Dist-Gautam Budh Nagar, UP

    Sana Communication
    Polytechnic Chauraha,Umarpur Sadar, Jaunpur

    Saurabh Traders
    Mohalla Bakhtawar Lal, Bisalpur, Dist-Pilibhit, UP

    Savitri Communication
    Shahzahanpur, Shazadpur, Akbarpur

    Seema Services
    Railway Station Road, Tikunia, Dist-Lakhimpur Kheri, UP

    Shan Mobile Care
    H.No-534, Mohalla Kotla Lakhnoti Road, Gangoh, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    Shipra Enterprises
    Station Road, Railway Ganj, Hardoi

    Shiv Enterprises
    Ajanta Hotel Market, Near Roadways, Badaun, UP

    Shree Cellphone Care Point
    Barhalganj Road, Kauriram, UP

    Shree Jee Communication
    Shop No-7, 1st Floor, Bhagwati Complex, Opp-Nandan Cinema, Garh Road, Meerut, UP

    Shree Krishna Auto Link
    Opp- Nai Mandi, Ahar Road, Jahangirabad

    Shree Shyam Care
    Chawk Gudari, Bazar Road,Ballia

    Shri Balaji Mobile Point
    Soro Gate, Near Campus Market, Kasganj

    Shri Garun Govind Trading Co.
    Moh Bahadurganj, Tilhar

    Shri Ram Sales And Services
    House No-487, Sateshwar Mohalla, Nagar Palika, Auraiya, UP

    Shri Sai Mobile World
    161, Sabji Mandi Chowk, Hayatganj, Tanda Dist- Ambedkar Nagar

    Shri Sai Traders
    Civil Line Roadways, East Gate, Sadar, Azamgarh, UP-East

    Shri Satya Sai Enterprises
    Asdullapur, Patwai Road, Milak, Uttar Pradesh

    Shri Shyam Enterprises
    Jain Market, Bilsi, UP

    Shubham Mobile Point
    Shanichar Bazar, Alam Katara, Phoolpur, UP_East

    Siddhbali Communication
    20-Preet Nagar, Mawana, Meerut

    Siddhi Vinayak Computer Center
    Rajendra Nagar, Station Road,Orai

    Simran Electronics
    21A, Nehru Nagar, Civil Lines, Agra

    Singh Telecom
    Kalagarh Road, Dhampur

    Singh Telecom
    Mohalla Bazar Tat, Mohra , Thana Road, Haldaur, UP

    Singhal Telecom
    Amroha Road, Sales Tax Office, Hasanpur, UP

    Soni Mobile Center

    Sonu Communication
    Shop No.-11, Om Sai Complex Ambedkar Chowk Fatehabad, Agra , Uttar Pradesh

    Sourabh Communication
    Opp-Shiv Mandir, Near Hasanpur Police Chowki, Saharanpur

    Swati Mobile Care
    Main Road, Gola Bazar, Ward No-6, Lohia Nagar, Kasya, Dist- Kushinagar, UP

    T.N. Enterprises
    Mishra Complex, Allahabad Road, Karwi Chitrakoot

    The Wonder Gallery
    Shop No-79,City Plaza,Shadabad Gate,1st Floor,Hathras

    Shop No-13, 1st Floor, Ramashankar Market, Near Bus Station, Sultanpur

    Vijay Telecom
    Sidwada, Etawah, UP

    Vikas Mobile Point
    Seorahi Ward No-8, Indranagar, Kushinagar

    Vinayak InfoTech
    Sita Road, Chandausi

    Vipul Electronics
    Main Bazar, Deoband

    Vishwkarma Mobile Service Center
    Itwa Bazar, Siddharthnagar

    Yati Enterprises
    Old 457, New 781,Near ICICI Bank, Civil Lines Between Jail Chauraha to Kachahari Chauraha, Jhansi

    Zunaira Televentures
    Opp- Zila Panchayat, Civil Lines, Rampur


    A-1 Service
    Arya Nagar,Infront of Neha Gas Agency, Kashipur

    Amit Collection
    Gurudwara road, Srinagar, Dist-Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

    Anshul Vineet Mobile & Computer
    Shop No-724, Sadar Bazar, Ranikhet

    Chauhan Sale & Service
    01- Mall Road, Near Saryu Pul, Bageshwar

    Chauhan Sales And Service
    15-Saun Market, Nagar Palika Chowk, Pithoragarh

    Computer Place
    H.No. 56/2, Avas Vikas Colony, Near Brahspati Dev Mandir, Rudrapur U.S. Nagar, Rudrapur

    Dhoni Mobile & Repairing Center
    Khari Bazar, Lohaghat

    Geetanjali Telecom
    1st Floor, Opp- HDFC Bank ATM, BSM Tiraha, Roorkee

    J.P Enterprises
    Melaghat Road, Khatima

    Pradhan Enterprises
    Jain Market,S-5,Railway Road,Rishikesh

    S M Tech
    Jagnath Complex, Almora

    Sai Services
    0, Bhimawala Road, Vikasnagar, Dist- Dehradun

    Shivaji Telecom
    Pencil Road, Sitabpur, Kotdwar

    Singh Enterprises
    126/A, 1st Floor, New Haridwar Colony, Opp lane to water tank near Ranipur Morh, Haridwar

    System Software Solution
    Kapil Complex, Haldwani

    Ujjwal Telecom
    42,Omkar Road, Behind GPO, Chukhuwala, Dehradun

    West Bengal

    LA Mobile Accessories
    Raghunathpur, Jhargram, Medinipur West

    Amrit Care Centre

    Anannaya Infotel
    45(41),Ghosh Para road, Barrackpore, North 24 parganas, Kolkata, West Bengal

    Ankita Solution
    Indira Apartment, NH-34, Flat No.- 5, 1st Floor, Malda, West Bengal

    Baba Lokenath Tell Com
    S.N. Road, Badurbagan, Cooch Behar, West Bengal


    Complete Solution
    Sankari Para, Bankura, West Bengal

    Connecting Point
    International Market,H/343/427/352,Sevoke Road,Ward No. 10 , Siliguri, west Bengal

    Ward No-11, Holding No-446/1, Mouza-Chandipur, Kharagpur, West Bengal

    Das Care
    Manimala Apartment, Subuddhipur, Brickfield Road, Now Arup Bhadra Sarani, P.O. Baruipur, Kolkata, WB

    Dipak Garai
    P.S. Bishnupur, Mouza-Bishnupur Municipality, J.L. No-101, Under Khaitan Number-11742, Plot No-9902, Ward No-14, Holding No-B-363, Ground Floor, Bishnupur, West Bengal

    Dream – Z
    Dakshin Damodarpur, Nandakumar, P.O. Dakshin Damodarpur, Medinipur (E), West Bengal

    34, Jirat Road, Natungram, Habra

    Room/Flat No-32, G.N.P.C. Road, Ranaghat, West Bengal

    IT Point
    772/9, Kalitala Lane, Puruliya, West Bengal

    Infinity Mobile
    Diamond Harbour, Kakdwip, West Bengal

    Infotel Services
    59 Bankim Mukherjee Sarani, Block C, New Alipur , Kolkata, West Bengal

    Kalpana Electronics
    CPI(M) Office Road, Bara Bajar, Birpara, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

    L. Galaxy
    Room/Flat No 4, Girishmore ,P.O.-Khanjanchak,Medinipur(E),West Bengal

    M.N. Das & S.N. Das Communication
    Manindra Nath Das, Subhash More, Malbazar, Dist-Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

    M.S. Solution
    620, G.T. Road, Battala, Panchanan Bhavan, Serampore, Dist-Hoogly, West Bengal

    Mamata Mobile Centre
    N.H.34,P.O.- Raiganj,Siliguri Mode,Uttar Dinajpur,West Bengal

    Mobile Corner
    Sati Bazar , Chandrakona Town , Pashchim Medinipur, West Bengal

    Mobile Infocom
    RD-43, Mahishkapur plot, Benachity,Durgapur, West Bengal

    Mobile Reparing Centre
    Hridoy More, below Sonatore para Sub PO, P.O-Suri, Birbhum, West Bengal

    Mobile Zone
    Ektarpur, P.O. Sabajput, Dist-Medinipur (E), West Bengal

    1/1, Meridith Street, Kolkata, West Bengal

    Nityananda Telecom
    Puratan Bazar, Diamond harbour, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

    Om Enterprise
    Holding No.- 114(N), S.B. RAHA LANE, ASANSOL, West Bengal-713303

    Prayna Gurung
    Upper MG Marg, Children Park Gangtok, Sikkim

    R K Services
    G03,Ground Floor,Dullya, Howrah, West Bengal

    Roy Enterprise

    Roy Infotech

    S.B. Communication
    69/9, Pilkhana Road, Berhampore, West Bengal

    Sandhya Enterprise
    Ward No. 19,New Town Para, Jalpaiguri, P.O.- Jalpaiguri, Dist- Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

    Sarkar communication
    DL roy road, Bowbazar,Krishnangar, Nadia

    Sha Communication
    Ward No-1, Manmohan Road, P.O. Mathabhanga, Coochbehar, West Bengal

    Shantanu Communication
    63/261, Gandhipally Road, Gandhipally, Bongaon, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

    Shivam Mobile Service Center
    4/8, Municipal Market Complex, Tarakeswar, Dist-Hoogly, West Bengal

    Sourav Telecom
    Chakkamla, Deulti, Bagnan, Howrah,West Bengal

    Srikrishna Enterprise

    Subrata Telecom
    Court More, Alipurdaur, West Bengal

    Systems & Services
    CD-7, Salt Lake, Sector 1, Kolkata, West Bengal

    Tarafdar Infosys

    Techno Care
    1/413, Gariahat Road, 413 Jodhpur Park,Kolkata, West Bengal

    Usha Mobile

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